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  1. Well first off, yeah, there are a lot of rude people at the Coldplay concert. Not as many hardcore fans as some other artists have in the pit zone. The lady next to me asked me if I get crap for liking Coldplay as a guy? And as for a superfan only concert, Linkin Park has done it in the past! They have a fan group and it was a fan group only concert!
  2. Being it the pit was fun. Some of the audience definitely lacked energy or maybe it's because I'm used to the energy packed audiences of Linkin Park concerts. Definitely noticed the older people and some of the guys just stood there the entire concert. Anyways, here's some pics (I can't make them smaller or hide them in a spoiler box here):
  3. Really hoping for something Fantastic to end off this tour! In the hometown of Charlie Brown!
  4. It's not that we don't care. Just most of us are not driving from that direction. Good luck!
  5. Wow, How did I completely forget about the hometown connection. Now I am definitely looking forward to Charlie Brown
  6. Have fun you guys! I'll be coming in tomorrow!
  7. Depends on what you like and when you want to do it. There's lots of beautiful scenery in Minneapolis next to the Mississippi and Guthrie theater. Then there's the giant Mall of America if you like shopping and riding roller coasters in the mall. Great food in the twin cities.
  8. They start at 9 PM but you are probably there by now so I'm just answering just in case :P
  9. so what's going on with the coldplay film? Did they film Chicago as well?
  10. I actually never knew about the ticket upgrades and all the fun fan made clothes. So I just introduced the idea to my friends. And wow, quite a drive. Interesting enough, I'm driving all the way down to Chicago in two weeks to see a Linkin Park/Incubus concert :lol:
  11. Are you not from Minnesota? And yeah, you blog defines just how big of a Coldplay fan you are :laugh3: It's really cool though. Jealous of your coldplay shoes. Those are slick
  12. If the lens is hidden in the camera when it's off then you are good. As for time, the opening acts come on at 7 PM so you have time. Since it's all prearranged seating you don't have to get there early. If you want to see the opening acts then just get there a little earlier in case you wanted to buy merchandise and bathroom breaks.
  13. Wow that's great! I don't have VIP tickets. I'm already paying so much for my two concerts this summer. EDIT: Just saw your blog. Wow, all your posts are getting me so excited haha :D
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