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  1. Oh! And my all-time favorite: "And I'm not gonna stand and wait. Not gonna leave it until its much too late. On a platform I'm gonna stand and say that 'I'm nothing on my own, and I love you, please come home.'"
  2. "I know I'm dead on the surface, but I am screaming underneath."
  3. Mandaadb


    I always know who/where to come to for any Coldplay-related questions :D http://music.starhub.com/frmPromoPage.aspx?id=12 I've been really wanting to find a Coldplay lanyard for whatever reason. I've searched everywhere online to see if they are sold anywhere. I came across this site ^ but it said the offer expired last November. So, my question is does anyone know where I can get my hands on one of these lanyards? Or any Coldplay lanyard! Thanks for any help! Random but I pretty much want anything Coldplay :kiss:
  4. Whoo! Thanks everyone!!:laugh3:
  5. I will be seeing Coldplay this summer...:D I was curious about the bracelets though! So I know that each person receives a glow in the dark bracelet, however, I heard that they were remote-controlled. Is that true? I mean that would be stinking awesome because I also heard that they "blink" to the beat of the music! But that will kind of suck if it will only ever turn on during the concert. Just a silly little question! :)
  6. Mandaadb

    C U R I O U S

    I would have to agree 100%!
  7. Mandaadb

    C U R I O U S

    Danny Boy- I would absolutely fall even more in love if they made a Christmas album!:heart:
  8. Mandaadb

    C U R I O U S

    kittybitty- thanks! I'll go looking!! iluvjonnyboy- Hahaha, I know EXACTLY what you mean, because I feel the same way! My teacher was playing MX in the middle of class the other day and I felt so proud :D I'm right there with ya!
  9. Mandaadb

    C U R I O U S

    Ooo, thanks for the link, _Tash!!
  10. Mandaadb

    C U R I O U S

    Coeurli - Thanks for the info :D And yes! I absolutley love Christmas Lights, and of course his sexy voice, haha! Hopefully I can find a way to download it becuase I have slow internet. Blakexy1125 - You definitely should! It's beautiful, of course! :)
  11. Mandaadb

    C U R I O U S

    I was at the mall the other day and heard a version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." I would know Chris Martin's voice anywhere and it was definitely him singing it! So my questions are: why in the world can I not find it to download it?! And has anyone else heard Coldplay's version of this song? Thanks for any replies :D
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