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  1. OMG congrats!! :surprised: :awesome: Can't wait to hear all about your latest Coldplay concert experience!! :loveshower:

  2. It's alright, I know you're super busy! I am too, but I'll reply to your message soon..I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU! (Because I just saw Coldplay again over Christmas break!) :o :D

  3. Hey sorry it took me SO long to reply! :( But I've finally sent you a PM. :)

  4. Aww darn, sorry to hear that! :( I have the same problem - my parents don't like them enough to buy tickets and I can't go alone...so I know how you feel :( And I know he did get injured, it's such a shame! But at least you didn't miss it, yes! I'm not all that upset about not seeing Muse though...Coldplay is coming back to where I live for a New Years concert! So that makes up for it :) Oh and I'm from the U.S. East Coast :)

  5. They were going to do a gig in Stockholm the 6th of December, but I didn't have anyone to go with. Most of my friends doesn't like Muse and the one that actually do like them couldn't get permission from her parents. So I didn't have any tickets and even though I wanted to go alone I knew that it problably wouldn't be that safe since I don't even live in Stockholm and the trains doesn't go to my city after midnight... I was completely heartbroken ofcourse :( But then Matt got injured and they cancelled all their gigs in Scandinavia, so I didn't miss anything atleast! I still feel sorry about the people who had tickets, though! :( Are you going to see them live? Where are you from, btw? :)

  6. Yes I completely agree!! I'm not sure if I've already asked you, but are you going to see Muse live?

  7. It's okay, I haven't been on here for ages either! I love The 2nd law too! It's different from their other stuff, but in a good way. Panic station and Supremacy is my favourites and I love Liquid state, because Chris singing is just... akjoitjesoigjesoig :P *fangirling*

  8. Oh my gosh I am SO sorry for taking soo long to reply!! But anyways, yeah I sure hope those people who didn't know the songs at the concert went and listened to them afterwards! And yes I have listened to the 2nd Law - I actually got it a few days ago on CD (a month late I know but oh well) and I love it! How do you like it?

  9. Yes, it'll be tough waiting for another concert but it'll be worth it ofcourse :) Ofcourse, I don't mean to whine or anything! I feel like the happiest and luckiest person ever to get tickets, alot of my friends weren't able to get their hands on any :( Yep, and I think it's a shame that they haven't even listened to the older songs. One can only hope that they listened to them after the concert, because like you said, I think there were bigger fans that should've been at the front. Have you listened to the 2nd law yet? Couldn't resist when I saw it on Tumblr...

  10. Haha, well that's a good way to look at that I suppose! Me neither....the hardest part is always waiting in between albums and concerts!! Wow - 2015! That's what I would expect anyway, like 3 years or so. So hard to wait..... Yes, singing along was so incredible and emotional! You're finally sitting and singing along with people who love the same band as you - it's great :D Thanks!! YES I was so psyched and crying my eyes out!! Aww Strawberry Swing would have been amazing, but I wouldn't be too upset - at least you got to see them at all! :) I agree - I tend to go for their non-popular ones too, but I think it's kind of special that they're almost exclusive - only something you'll hear as the recording, but open to imagination as to what it would sound like live :) WOW they didn't know Speed of Sound?!!? I would've gotten angry too! Especially sitting in the FRONT ROW, give someone a chance who is a bigger fan!

  11. Yeah I'm glad to have avoided a heartattack, but atleast I would've died happy haha :P Can't wait to see them again, although it seems like that won't be happening until 2015 or something... But oh well! I cried during Fix you too... How could you not, it was such an amazing feeling to singalong with 30.000 other people! You got to hear Green eyes live!? LUCKY! I was hoping for that one along with Strawberry Swing, but they didn't play it. Most of the more "unpopular" songs are among my favourites, which isn't a good thing since they doesn't get played live that often... I suppose it's because alot of the "newer" fans doesn't know them that well or something. I actually got a bit angry at my concert when they started to play "Speed of sound" and alot of people around me were going "What's this song!?". I mean really!? You're going to a Coldplay concert, queueing so you can get to front row and you don't know SPEED OF SOUND!? >.< *sighs*

  12. OMG that's so amazing that you got to be so close! That's incredible!!! I literally would have died, I'm glad to hear you didn't have a heartattack! :P Yep - and you can always look forward to seeing them again! Of course, nothing gets better than Coldplay!! Ahhhh Fix You had to be one of my favorites as well - I cried during that. :') And Warning Sign as well - that song is really emotional and nostalgic for me! Although, on the 30th they surprised us with Green Eyes!! I was so surprised and I was going out of my mind, that was my favorite. It brought me to tears. :')

  13. Looking forward to see the episode later then :P Suspenseful sounds great! Not that I have anything to compare it with, this being my first concert and all, but yeah, it was amazing! I was standing near one of the ramps so we got really close, like 1 meter away from them! Thought I'd have a heartattack or something, but luckily enough I survived :P My post concert depression is slowly fading away now, and I'm sure that it's exactly as you say - I'll never forget it ^^ ! Glad to hear that your concert was great aswell, not that I expected anything else :laugh3: It's hard to choose a favourite, but I think Fix you, just because the whole audience were singing along and it was just beautiful. I really liked the acoustic version of Speed of Sound aswell! What was your favourite?

  14. I did enjoy the new episode, thank you! Oh I totally know what you mean, haha! And yes, it was really good! Very suspenseful :) Oh that's so great!! I've heard that that concert was brilliant! FRONT ROW?? AH YOU'RE SO LUCKY! You must have been almost close enough to touch them!! :D I know exactly how you feel - post concert depression is really bad :( But trust me, each day it goes away a little bit more. Now, I can look back and think of it as a happy memory! Oh that looks like so much fun! You will definitely never forget it - it's such an amazing experience!! Thank you, they were amazing as well! Coldplay is certainly never less than amazing, you've got that right! What was your favorite song to hear live?

  15. Yeah I'm really getting into them now! I think I'll definitely buy their new album when it comes out! Same with me, I almost kind of feel bad because I've been listening to Coldplay a lot less lately and a lot of other bands. But of course, they're still always my favorite band <3 Yay, I'm really glad to hear that you're loving Keane and Blur! I've been hearing rumors about Blur getting back together to write a new album....I hope that's true :) I totally know what you mean about Muse having more fun with their new music - it's really similar to the change Coldplay made with their new album. But indeed, it should be amazing to see live! I hope you do get to see them on their tour!

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