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  1. Okay guys, here is the thing. It is unimaginable how honored we feel after 3 pages of this thread. "The Creepiest Thing 2012" - That is fantastic! Thank you so much. You convinced us, that this tree is more than just a dry thing and for this reason we think eBay wouldn't be the right place to be. We also say thanks a lot for all the members, they spend their lifetime thinking, speaking, writing and philosophizing about this small branchlet with the silver ribbon on it. WELL DONE!
  2. ohh shit ... I've forgotten the license plate!!! Is there a way to remove it and to post it again?
  3. Hey there, About two weeks ago I visited London with a friend of mine. We have also been at Chris' House in Camden just to have a look where he lives. Immediately after we arrived at the house the door opened suddenly and two workers came out with Chris' Christmas Tree. They were about to put it in a big van in front of the house. We kindly asked for a piece of the tree and a ribbon. We got one each. Now we thought to give other Coldplay fans the opportunity to internalise this very special memorabilia. We're thinking about to put it on eBay tomorrow evening. We see that this sounds very
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