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  1. The AP's 2 days away! Do you feel like you're going to do well?

  2. Our textbook has cars and a road map on it. So definitely not the same text! But definitely the same (or similar) material. I would *love* smaller venues. The only shitty thing would be that they would sell out faster, unfortunately. But something about a smaller venue always gets me more excited. I'd like smaller venues and more acoustic songs a la Parachutes. I don't know how that would happen but one can wish!

  3. Yeah textbooks are probably different (our's has a goldfish jumping from one bowl to another lol), but I'm assuming the chapter set up would be identical since the AP exam we'll take will be the same. Hahaha I know right? I really can't imagine them stepping it up even more after this last tour, maybe they'll choose smaller venues instead next time? Truth be told, all we really want are new songs lol! Any expectations on when you think LP6 will be dropping?

  4. I'm not sure if we're using the same textbook :P but then again it's the same AP. Idk, it's not that challenging, at least to me. AP Physics...now that's a class I could do without. Baseball caps would be hilarious :P but I think it really depends on the energy of LP6. Maybe LP6's tour won't be a flashing lights kind of concert. I know they'll come up with something fantastic though, even if it's not flashing baseball caps :P

  5. I'm going to have to respectfully decline :( It's not that I don't want to, but I'm super busy this time of year with school and drama and college stuff. I legitimately don't have the time :\ I know you can get some pretty sweet Coldplay merch from their shop as well as from here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/teco/portfolio Again, I'm sorry! If neither of those tickle your fancy, what I used wasn't too hard to replicate. I bought a plain white t-shirt and neon fabric paint from Michaels then traced on the lettering and icons.

  6. Hey upwiththebirds, I'm just a 17 year old guy passing by saying hello and I had come across your custom t shirts that you posted up a while ago. I know I'm asking a bit much but, could you replicate the shirt you made in a large for guys?

  7. Well around Ch 23 is when things get bad haha. It's like a bunch of ridiculous writing that shouldn't have to be in a math class. Good luck when you get there! I agree, they've become a part of the band. Maybe next time they should hand out like baseball caps with lights :wacky:

  8. We're not there yet..? We just took our midterms and before that reached the end of probability. I mean we've had to write paragraphs but nothing too complicated, haha. I know they probably won't repeat the Xylobands, but they're so tied to Coldplay at this point that it would be criminal not to feature them in the LP6 tour. Like I can't see any other band using them. I think it would be fun to see the Xylobands live again.

  9. Definitely, that would be amazing. But I just don't see them repeating things since this era was like all about colors and stuff. It wouldn't make sense unless LP6 is really similar to MX. Haha yes, first things first, LP6. Congratulations on getting accepted! : ) I've actually gotten accepted too with a decent scholarship offer :wacky: Aw that sucks. Most of my classes are alright, but stats is annoying. Okay so random, but for your stats class do you guys also have to write ridiculously lengthy sentences to describe the answer (like the Ho and Ha hypothesis garbage)?

  10. I agree! I would love them to bring the Xylobands back for the LP6 tour, but in different colors. But hopefully we can see LP6 within the next two years. Haha. School is great now that I've been accepted to college! It's like a giant load has been taken off my shoulders. But still, AP Physics is killing me slowly. Stats is okay, and the rest of my classes are regular strength, so they're fine. How about you?

  11. That makes sense. Oooh that Xylobands must have been amazing from a view that's a bit back. I'm still jealous that you've been to 2 concerts already! They need to release LP6 already and start up a new tour. How's your school year going?

  12. Well, both concerts were amazing for their own reasons. The first one was amazing because it was my first Coldplay concert! But because it was my first I was so focused on taking pictures and videos and the like. This one was better because I really just enjoyed it (and only took pictures with my cell phone haha). The seats were better the first time, but I kinda liked these seats too. The Barclays seats were nosebleeds directly across from the stage, so we had an awesome overview of the lights and the confetti and the Xylobands. Well, both were awesome. I mean it's Coldplay! Happy belated new year to you too!

  13. Happy late new year lol! :lol: I hope all is going well for you in school/life. And it was amazing. Anyone who says this tour wasn't the best is crazy. Whoa...lucky you! It must have been an amazing experience. So between the 2 concerts you went to, which one did you like the most? I see haha. Hope you're feeling better! :elmo:

  14. Happy birthday Coldplay! :chris: :jonny: :guy: :will: I can't go a day without listening to you boys. Your Live 2012 CD has become my happy CD (I blast it on the way home from school). Here's to 15 more awesome years! Woo!
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