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  1. The tweet by The Royal Albert Hall along with a picture, suggests that the band will be in the arena, with seats around them. From the picture it looks like there will be seating on the 'stage'. Aswell as there being seats above the 'stage'.
  2. £93 with a booking fee of £8.50. The more expensive ones are for boxes :)
  3. just seen the picture of a concert in the round. WOW i have front row tickets. I couldnt have dreamt of anything better :D
  4. yes! i forgot to say i was so excited! :laugh3:
  5. ive got section B row 1in the arena, anyone know if thats any good?
  6. Id advise everyone to create a SEEtickets account before the presale and general sale. Might make the chances of nabbing a pair of tickets easy :D
  7. Well amazon stated they tickets will be sold via Seetickets.
  8. Ah dang it! im praying i get a pair then! will we have to show related id at the venue then?
  9. Will tickets be available 2nd hand through re sellers? as i dont mind paying a premium to go.
  10. yes its 5000 ish. it says on the wikiapedia page
  11. I assume the 500 tickets will be divided into the amount of different seats they have at the Albert hall. with 500 tickets in the presale only around 4,700 will be available on general sale. Chances of me getting a ticket arnt looking great...
  12. The link states they will be unique and non transferable.
  13. i am worried about the amount of tickets that will be on sale to the public though. Going to be VERY hard to get a pair :embarrassed:
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