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  1. OK - I've changed my user name so people will get it now :)
  2. hi Lisa!!! Nice to meet you!!! tell me about yourself! :)

  3. Hi Mary, My name is Lisa

  4. hi there! how have you been? My name is Mary by the way, what's yours?

  5. Ha ha....I should have put an underscore there. Like CM_Obsession. Oh well - too late now! I just used my tumblr name.
  6. Hi guys - I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm feeling all sentimental right now because I rolled into Austin today and I'm remembering last year at ACL. I'd love to hear from people that went to the taping for the New Year's Eve show and/or the performance at the festival. Both shows were Great for me! I fell hopelessly in love with a band I've admired for a long time. I started a Tumblr this past summer....check it out. cmobsession
  7. Rolling into Austin today for ACL and it's SUCH a different feeling than last year! Last year we had tickets to the taping for the ACL New Years Eve TV show and then our boys were headlining the festival. I know it will be fun and all - but just not the same. I'd love to hear any experiences from last years Taping performance or the festival itself. I didn't start blogging until this summer but, here it is. Check it out. Tumblr cmobsession
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