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  1. Just wanted to check-in and say thanks for creating Coldplaying, most cool site! I am looking forward to interacting with other members. Just to tell you a little bit about myself... I was born in Surrey, and moved to the US when I got married four years ago. My wife Sara and I are expecting our first child, due February 27, and we are already getting so excited. I have been a fan of Coldplay since before they were signed and am very passionate about the guys and their music. In the profile we are asked to name our favourite album and I really had to think as there are tracks o
  2. Sorry for the typo. Thanks for what you said. I agree, they have made their mark, but as you pointed out, time will tell how they will be remembered in years to come. I'm sorry that others feel the need to criticize an opinion, I was under the impression that this was a site for fans of Coldplay; is it so unusual to find a person who thinks the world of a band they saw grow from the start, expressing their admiration on their fan site? Naturally artists influence artists, it would be foolish to deny it, but the reason bands like the Beatles influenced them was because they reinfor
  3. I personally feel that Coldplay beats Paul McCartney hands down. As for the movie, as I said, it makes no difference what the movie is or what success it has, Coldplay's music is memorable and they may forget the film, but will remember the music. That's all I mean by what I said. I may be wrong, we shall see. If I am, I'll buy you a drink.
  4. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!!!!! :D This news is almost as thrilling to me as it was to see you guys playing The Albert Hall, and certainly equals your final competition before you were signed. Take a moment and look back at where you started. I recall that someone once thought that the name Coldplay wouldn't be received well because it was a 'cold' name :-) Guys, on Novemebr 22, 2013, your hard work will pay-off as you see Coldplay become immortalised. Whether the film is a success or not, people will remember the song :-D I cannot tell you how excited I am to read this news. I am
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