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  1. TuckerMcG

    Help needed!

    No, it's not a joke. Yes this is for real. And I already put the signatures back on there, so I don't need you to help provide pictures anymore. But could you please let me know if you think the ones I put on in it in the pic above look good? Thanks man. No, but I did sell it to a friend I have in Turkey. He's actually smart so we made a good deal for both of us. I'm not supposed to be taking care of it. He's just letting me stay here while I'm in town. I'm on my account. I'm pretty sure you guys would know if I were on his account lol. He has tons of signed stuff though so it prob won't be a big dealk but I'd rather not have to explain it to him. What do you think the of autographs I mocked up in the pic above? Are they good?
  2. TuckerMcG

    Help needed!

    It's a bit of a long story, but I'm staying at a buddy's house while he's out of town and last night we threw a party. I woke up and as I started cleaning up I realized some drunk assholes had graffiti'd their signatures on my buddy's framed Coldplay album thing (it was kind of a rowdy party). He's a pretty big fan of them, so I got some rubbing alcohol and cleaned the signatures off so he wouldn't see before he gets back. Well after I had done that, I was turning it over to hang it back up and saw it had a sticker on the back indicating it was some sort of authenticated memorabilia. So I sort of needed to draw the signatures back on before my buddy gets back later today and wound up just freehanding them based on the pictures I found online. But since you're so willing to help, could you maybe give me your opinion and let me know if this looks legit enough? Like, would a real fan notice? [MEDIA=imgur]a/8Ctn7[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: http://imgur.com/a/8Ctn7
  3. TuckerMcG

    Help needed!

    Can anybody please help me find out what each band member's signature looks like really quick? I need them for a project of sorts and would really appreciate the help! I figure some of you on here probably have better quality pics than google can provide, and I just want to make sure this turns out as good as it possibly can.
  4. Ever heard of a tax write-off? This shirt was free for me. If I sell it for even $1, I'll make a profit. Due to all the backlash I've received from all of you, I can honestly say that I will NEVER contribute to another charity backed by Coldplay. Next time I'll keep the money to myself and won't drive up the prices so that kids with cancer (or whatever it was) don't get as much money. How does it feel to take cash straight out of the pockets of kids' charities?
  5. The guy who's jacket I apparently bought. I don't really care much about the band, all I know is that Jimmy made it sound like a good investment. Hopefully I can price gouge someone who has more money than sense into buying it from me in a couple of years.
  6. Wow congrats man! We should go party in Vegas soon. I'll bring Johnny's outfit.
  7. I guess I just got myself a new red jacket.
  8. Yeah you're probably right. I'm sure a totalitarian government follows one person on Twitter simply because he's hot. That makes much more sense than following him because he's a highly visible fan of one of the most famous bands in the world. :rolleyes: He did have a supermodel girlfriend though...
  9. So my friend, Jimmy Dushku, had an article written about him on motherjones.com about how he's the only actual person followed by North Korea's official government twitter and it got me thinking. I know he's a huge Coldplay fan (he's even dragged me to a couple of concerts against my will) and I just found it strikingly odd that North Korea follows him. Sure he threw out a tweet in Korean but is that really enough to get the attention of an ENTIRE government?! My instincts said no. So I come to you guys for your expertise. Do you think that maybe North Korea is full of Coldplay fans? I mean, they're one of the most internationally recognized bands ever so it kinda makes sense that North Korea at least knows who they are. Due to the transitive property, it then makes sense that they'd want to follow Coldplay's biggest fan (according to Google at least). What do you guys think? Could North Korea secretly love Coldplay? I think so.
  10. We already have a box for both nights but I may need an extra ticket for a friend. Is this still available? Thanks.
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