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  1. everyone just suddenly stopped posting there, I think it was around the time facebook had really started to kick off and then one day they pulled the plug. It was sad cos there was quite a few people there I will probably never speak to again. Although I do keep in touch with a select few even to this day so it's not all bad
  2. I was on the coldplay.com forum back in the day and it completely disintegrated so starting posting more here.
  3. Lolly Pop


    I've not been on here for 3 years!! Thought I'd drop by and say hello. I feel like a newb all over again :p *waves*
  4. thanks! :D I'll sell it too you for £100000 and a bottle of Stella.Don't think I've not forgotten about Stella-Gate back in the olden days :P You still owe me haha.
  5. right I'm to buy some glue and card to start sticking my butterflies and ticket to my frame.It's quite sad really but it makes a pretty picture to hang on my wall . :P
  6. right.here are my photos. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=315857&id=757640373&l=5f5cb177e3
  7. I take it you guys were at the front?! :P I was in the middle then moved to the back then moved right next to the other stage.
  8. Girls Aloud were absolutely awful. Marilyn Manson would have revved up the crowd better than they did.
  9. I WAS THERE LAST NIGHT! I was looking out for the yellow t-shirts but I didn't see anyone. :( Pics coming soon
  10. Hi Guys! I've not been on this in a while...I went last night and it was AMAZING. If only I'd logged in a few days before hand and I could have met some of you! I'm gonna be in Angel today if anyone is around :P
  11. I did! I'm in shock we used to chat all the time on the old coldplay.com forums. oh my god,I can't believe it. :( rip. Jen.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :hug:

  13. 6 miles in the snow?! NO THANK YOU. :p
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