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  1. Grand prize entry for a trip to NY, 2 nights in a hotel and 2 tickets is live: www.siriusxm.com/coldplayapollo Did any SXM subscribers in NY region get an email about a separate entry process?
  2. Based on my experience with SXM drawings, I will add that typically you need to be located in the region of the show for SXM to target you with an email to sign up for a chance to get tickets. So you need to be in the NYC region based on your account billing information. Make sure you're signed up to receive emails from SXM in your communication preferences in your account. Plus you need to let them know your listening preferences here. Make sure you select Alternative and New Adult Rock at a minimum! https://www.siriusxm.com/perks They'll draw several winners this way. The
  3. They plan to stream the concert on SiriusXM. I think they streamed the Beacon Theatre show on the Ghost Stories tour in this way, too.
  4. Coldplay will be playing a full length show at the Apollo Theater on September 23, 2021 as part of the SiriusXM Small Stage Series. The show will only be open to SiriusXM subscribers on an invite-only basis. I’m personally gonna pull out all the stops to attend this one. Previous SXM shows at Apollo have been huge productions. Lady Gaga and U2 played shows there in 2019 and 2018 for SXM respectively, and both shows were 90 minutes to 2 hours long. Here’s a write up of the SiriusXM U2 show, and it talks about different ways fans were able to get tickets to the show. Apol
  5. I was able to get tickets. Also, Cumulus radio just called me and I won that contest for flights, hotel, tickets and M&G to the "secret show". They won't tell me where or when the show is, except that it's in California between the 18th and 21st. that leaves the 19th and 20th and its gotta be in LA somewhere. It's supposed to be announced on Monday.
  6. I got a code, I asked about 25 people to enter for me and only 1 got it.
  7. Likely not, since Cumulus radio is sponsoring this promotion and iHeartRadio is their biggest competitor.
  8. HOLY SHIT OMG IM GOING. ITS HAPPENING!!! I see it listed on the Live Nation app. Guys, The Black Keys played 21 songs at their Citi Sound Vault show in LA last year. Similar kind of thing as this. OMG. Flying into LA on the 18th to go to the ALTer Ego show and hopefully the secret show on the 19th/20th too, and not leaving until the 22nd!! If anyone wants to meet up and hang out in LA for the weekend message me!! Btw the secret show is not in Chicago. The radio station there just advertised a flyaway trip for 4 nights, Jan 17 to 21. Its def gonna be in LA.
  9. Here are the official rules: Coldplay Flyaway The concert is happening sometime between January 17 and 21, if you dig deep in the rules you will see that: Grand Prize Trip must be taken January 17 - 21, 2020. So, it MUST be in LA, since they're playing a show on the 18th. It's gotta be on the 19th or 20th! You can enter here: Link to Entry Form The rules say you must be from one of these markets, and I'm not sure how they verify. I mean, I could probably get a Harrisburg station to tune in if I drive a little further north from my house :) Ann Arbor MI WQKL-FM Appleton WI WWWX-
  10. Great, they are playing another show in LA that absolutely nobody can get into. Theres gotta be a way in other than being the 1 grand prize winner from SiriusXM!
  11. They played 7 songs at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas. I think itll be roughly the same here.
  12. For some reason I doubt chris considers a one song Grammys performance as a "show", so if its not, there should be another show. I dont think the other musicians on EL will be there since they made it seem like they were done after London.
  13. I can almost guarantee they'll announce another smaller show in LA to accompany this one.
  14. Bring on the LA shows!! It makes sense for them to do a show there because they'll probably be returning soon to record.
  15. Who is the fan holding a sign out front of the venue who got a ticket?!? How did you do it??
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