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  1. I think the song is very pretty. I really liked it.
  2. The concert was amazing!!! I'm glad they played Yellow instead of Fix You! The energy was intensely awesome. Waiting out by the gate now to see if they will come out
  3. Can anyone give tips on how we can maybe try to meet them after the concert??
  4. How's the view from the balcony I feel like everyone has a good seat in the house
  5. Yeah I would say maybe less than 20 mins till Coldplay.
  6. Hahah that was really cool! Nice to meet you!
  7. Wave your hand lol I'm wearing a black jacket with a pink shirt short dark hair
  8. Hey! I spotted myself in that picture!!! Where and who are you?
  9. It's sold out However they really screwed over the scalpers so a lot of people were turned away. I witnessed one where they told him that only the person whose name is on the credit card plus their plus one are the only ones who can get in. Also, if you come and have two tickets but your plus one isn't here yet they will turn you away or make you wait. They're very super strict and I'm so glad these scalpers got screwed over But sad that people who were dying to come weren't able to due to scalpers However I'm only happy about empty seats bc I wanna move closer. Still, I would have preferred for those of you who didn't get tickets to have been able to join us tonight!!!
  10. Yesssss we are gonna try to move up too! We are in row L center stage! London Grammar was incredible wow!
  11. Yes sooo many empty front row seats I hope they are still empty by the time Coldplay starts it will try to move closer Haha London Grammer/ar is sooo good!
  12. It's a good thing you guys didn't buy tickets from scalpers!! When I was getting my tickets at will call someone wasn't able to get 2 people in. They told him he was only able to go in with the perspn of his choice. It seems he had sold the tickets to two girls well the point is only the buyer plus 1 was able to get in. I feel bad for anyone who paid thousands of dollars for these tickets!!!
  13. I honestly think there was a glitch, the tickets weren't available until like 9:15am and tickets were only able to pull on on the iPhone/Android app which I thought was weird. One would think that Ticketmaster would be prepared for such an event... I'm sorry you weren't able to get tickets but I'm sure you will have another opportunity to go see them for their tour. You could also try going tonight anyway and see if you get lucky, I've done that before and ended up getting front row center seats (not for Coldplay) because some VIPs didn't show up so tickets became available at the box office. And the other perk is you get them at face value, not some ridiculous price.
  14. Thanks! But I am almost broke now lol I was aiming for $75 tickets and ended up getting stuck with the $166 (bought two) but nothing else pulled up so I was like screw it I'm just gonna buy them. The last time I saw them was in 2008 in Orlando for their Viva La Vida tour and Lovers in Japan is still so vivid in my head - the energy in that room when they played that song was INCREDIBLE. I'm really excited for tonight, it's been a while!
  15. Thanks for the info! I'll check out how those shows went so I can get a better idea. :)
  16. Is this a full on concert or is this going to be more like the iHeart Radio thing? I woke up with Lovers in Japan stuck in my head and I am REALLY hoping they play that song tonight, haha.
  17. They won't be distributing tickets until an hour before the show - at least that's what the email said, if I recall correctly.
  18. I hope - like the above poster mentioned - that these sellers try to get refunds for their tickets (that is, if they're smart enough to read the fine print) and then have Ticketmaster release them back to the public to be sold at face value pricing. I hope you are able to get tickets, seriously.
  19. "Any customers over the ticket limit of two (2) are subject to cancellations. Tickets will be will call only. There will be no will call name changes or transfers. All parties MUST be present upon pick up. NO EXCEPTIONS." Guess scalpers may actually be screwed... hope no one falls for their scams :(
  20. YIKES, that sucks, however, there is a way around it, I think! you can "gift" the tickets to someone else... so I guess scalpers will probably go that route :/ damn shame.
  21. Wait a minute, so these people who are posting these tickets to re-sell them won't really be able to do it because they are will-call only?
  22. Noooooo wayyyyy - where are you sitting?
  23. Jesus, $2,500? Does anyone really buy it for that much?
  24. I would keep trying, guys... you never know!!
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