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  1. I wasn't sure where else to post this on the forum. I won tickets to the second Coldplay show in my city from Global Citizen. I'm wondering what to expect in terms of seat location or how to pick up tickets. After I confirmed I wanted the tickets, I just received an email saying I'd get more information later. I've won one other set for another band from Global Citizen... for that show, I was immediately emailed a link and a special code to redeem pre-allocated seats. After I did that, the e-tickets showed up in my Ticktmaster account. I'm now going to both shows in my city, since I purchased for the first show. This will be my eighth and ninth show. I was lucky enough to go to 3 of the Ghost Stories small venue shows.
  2. I pulled up two gallery standing as well and just released them because have stage seats. Keep trying, everyone.
  3. Managed to snag two Stage seats in Row 11 today. They released a block of tickets around 1530h GMT for July 2nd. I had originally snagged Loggia Row 1 tickets but got screwed at online checkout. I'm Canadian and had to go through an extra Visa verification process through my bank. I pulled up the first set of stage seats 7 mins after first finding the loggia seats. I also called See Tickets hoping to speak to a live agent if I had same problems with payment (which I did). The See Tickets agent originally kept telling me that the show was sold out and I spent a minute convincing her to go into her system and look for me. When she finally did, she told me she didn't see any tickets available. I pretty much begged her to stay on the phone and let me keep her occupied for 3 mins because I had no other options to ever buy tickets. Then she asked me what section the seats that were on hold on my iPhone but I couldn't purchase. She somehow zeroed in on the section (stage west) and 30 seconds later, she grabbed seats that were ten seats away from the ones I couldn't purchase. A few lessons here for future Gigs and Tours shows: Keep checking the artist page and look for a change in Sold Out status to View Tickets. I had tried for July 1 tickets but got to the party late due to the time difference. I figured I was best waiting to see if July 2 seats would release and they did. Secondly, register with the website beforehand and do what you can to prevent any payment processing problems. That almost hooped me. Finally, keep See Tickets phone number in your phone so you can call them when you see tickets have been released. You can speak to an agent while simultaneously trying to pull up tickets online. The agent was originally wary (too many people must have called over past month to inquire) but once I was able to convince her tickets really had been released and told her which sections to look, she seemed to like the challenge of helping me. At the end when I thanked her profusely, she said she'd just been frustrated by trying to find tickets over the past month so she apologized for being a bit curt at the beginning. I still think both See Tickets and AXS are rubbish compared to Ticketmaster though. This will be my third GS tour show. I managed one for the early NYC show and used airline points to get theren plus stayed with family. For Los Angeles, I just decided to try for a ticket to see if I could pull one up and I did after 15 mins of refreshing the Ticketmaster app... used airline points to get to LA. The London trip was booked in November and it was just a happy coincidence Coldplay announced the show for when we'd be there.
  4. Looks like they're deviating a bit. I got list from sound booth
  5. Setlist Atlas Charlie Brown Scientist or Trouble Don't Panic Viva Paradise Always in my Head Magic ? True Love Midnight Another's Arm Oceans A Sky Full of Stars Fly On
  6. Any non UK residents ever had any problems with purchasing tickets from SEE tickets? Ticketmaster.com for US can be buggy for Canadian residents to use. These intimate shows are great, if shorter than expected. I've already seen the early NYC Beacon Theatre show and will be going to the LA Royce Hall show. Both the USA shows were spur of the moment trips on frequent flier points. My UK trip was planned months ago when I got Monty Python tickets.
  7. HI everyone, I think I've found a home for my extra ticket. Thanks to all that replied. Will contact someone from the PMs I received if the ticket isn't taken.
  8. Single ticket Around 12:45 p.m. PST, I was able to pull up a single ticket in the right balcony. I already have a single in the Centre Balcony. Since I'm flying in solo for this show and my cousin is unavailable to go, I'm selling one single. I reserve the right to play Goldilocks and select the best seat of the two. The two seats are Right Balcony, Row C and Centre Balcony Row J. PM me if interested until Friday midnight PST. Although the Right balcony one is much closer, I do worry about slightly obstructed view as it is closer to the stage. I wlll respond to the person that gets the seat so please no additional follow up messages... I'm on the road constantly and really don't have much time to reply. And no luck on trying to get a set of two. I tried for about 10 minutes before I pulled my single and tried for doubles for giggles.
  9. I picked up a single for this show at the 10 minute mark of the onsale. It's in the balcony but it's centre and on an aisle. This one was a lot harder than the NYC Beacon Theatre shows. I pulled a single for the 9 pm show pretty quickly but was screwed by Ticketmaster not wanting to accept my Canadian AMEX details with address fields. I learned, registered a new account with my American uncle's Citibank card and pulled a single for the 5 pm show after 4 mins of trying. I'm lucky enough to have amassed a gazillion frequent flier miles through work so I can fly to the shows with minimal costs. Plus I have family in NYC and LA so my only costs are ground transportation, food and the Ghost Stories merch.
  10. Early show My pics from early show I'm having trouble uploading and viewing from mobile phone. If links are dead, try my Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/misconduct. I rarely tweet so not looking for followers. Will try to properly link photos later.
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