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    Hi everyone! I've been a Fan of those 4.5;) lads since X&Y came around and hit me, like few records ever have. I love how the guys seemingly never cease to amaze me with their thirst for new styles and their immense talent, not only on their respective instruments. Additionaly, I can truly relate to Chris' character and persona, especially what he said to Zane in their last interview, which is rare for me regarding musicians. Btw, how can one not love that man and his voice?:P At any rate, I'm happy to have finally logged on here, to my, although tied, favourite band of all
  2. Maybe now?? http://500px.com/ibex83
  3. Hey Guys and Girls! I've just registered here and I wanted to open a thread regarding custom made cover arts for GS. It's been a passion of mine for quite some time now, creating artworks for my favourite bands and their current and past albums. That also includes "Best-Of" and "Greatest Hits" compilations. Anyway, that's what I have come up with today, nothing spectacular. Just plain and simple:dozey: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105448011628079282223/posts/p/pub (currently looking for a good online imagery server page, to save my arts and stuff...any suggestions?) Looking forwa
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