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  1. Yep NRJ announced it ! You can listen it via the app NRJ (there is a webradio named NRJ Coldplay that will stream the live) or also on http://play.nrj.fr :) this radio juste offered me 2 tickets for the show ! :D
  2. Hey ! I'm a 17 years old frenchie, leaving near to Switzerland, and Coldplay was the FIRST band I loved ! You can imagine, I was always listening to them, every day. And I'm waiting for them to come back in France for a few years, because I could never see them live because of school, or simply I couldn't travel. But when this show was announced, I managed to convince my parents, and booked the train & the hotel, but I didn't manage to get a ticket... I'm now trying everything since the 12th May to get a standing ticket, everything, but I can't find one. So if someone a spare ticket, pleeease PM me !! I'm waiting it for a few years, and I don't want to miss it... Thanks in advance :love:
  3. Thanks Coldplero ! Haha I know this looks awkward ! I was searching some information on Coldplaying while waiting for a response from the radio, and I saw some old entries talking about a grey van in which the band was leaving concerts.. Oh thanks, that's an idea ! :laugh3:
  4. Hi everybody ! Well, I live in France, and as you know Coldplay's gigs were announced about a month ago. So, I immediately started to book the train and the hostel to travel to Paris, about 600 kilometers away from my home. And then, I was just waiting for the tickets... Waiting, waiting.. But finally I missed the sale, and there were no tickets left. So I started to search resellers, some were selling places for about 750€ each, some were telling me that they wanted to sell me their place, to then ask me to "go f**k myself"... But I finally found a contest, organized by a French radio station, giving away 6x2 tickets. I then played every day, almost 24/24h for about two weeks, to finally receive a twitter message of the radio station on Thursday saying that I was preselected. Now I'm still waiting to hear about them... But anyway, I hope this means that I won. In this case, I wanted to know... - Did some of you Coldplaying's Coldplayers go on this tour ? - Would it be easy to meet Chris, Jon, Guy & Will after the concert ? I've got the detailed plan of the venue (don't worry, I'm not that much fool :D) and I have got infos like how to access to the backstage, and where the artists entry is (not too difficult, their entry is a little black door next to the public entry). - How much time will I have to wait outside ? (there is VIP packages, probably with a meet & greet) - Does anyone know in which hostel they could spend their night ? - Is Coldplay's security "cooler" than what I heard about their past big gigs ? - Do I need to come very early to the venue ? NB: there are 1.317 free placement standing places & 775 designated seats, w/ some early access - & finally, in which vehicle the band could be leaving the venue ? As you probably know too, this is a very intimate show & that's why I'm counting on it to finally meet the first band I loved. Seeing Coldplay live was my dream for a long time, and now I have this opportunity. I want it to be perfect :embarrassed: Thanks a lot, Matthew
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