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  1. But if you are at the venue with your ID the 1st, would you be able to make someone access the gig with your ticket? I mean, for example, if you and me get to the venue the 1st, can you show your ID and tell to make me enter instead of you? And thinking about getting the 2nd gig tickets.. I don't think it's a good idea for me buying them. If I have the flight that night I won't be able to show my ID at the venue to let someone in.. so sad and depressed.. If someone has a spare ticket, please PM me. Now I feel very stupid about booking in advance flight and hotel...
  2. I was just wondering.. I didn't get the tickets for the 1st July and I have a flight the evening of the 2nd. If i manage to get tickets for the 2nd is there anyone willing to exchange their tickets (of the same area) for the 1st July? Do I have to show ID when going in or where collecting the ticket at the venue?
  3. That's sad.. I just wasted 200 euro for plane and hotel.. well done.. and they tell us now about the second gig?! I booked my flight for the evening of the 2nd July. That's luck!! If anyone as a spare ticket, please.. i'm so depressed right now..
  4. Hi everyone! I just registered but it's years I follow your forum. I just wanted to wish you good luck for the tickets. I will try to get them too for me and a friend. We've already booked flight and hotel!! Finger crossed!! Anyone from Italy that's trying get the tickets too?
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