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  1. Why the hell would Gwyneth be there... half of the songs on GS is about her! Awkward...
  2. I'm so sad I'm not going... and sad I wasn't there last night either. Not even listening to the live stream consoled me! :(
  3. Those lucky lucky people! One fan even got to hug him! lol.
  4. Nooo they can't do that.. this has to be all of it! if they play some songs off air i will die! lol.
  5. Even I feel a little emotional listening to them! I just go into happy mode!
  6. It's all that swearing he's tired himself out!
  7. I was fortunate enough to hear Coldplay perform Lost+ WITH jay Z in 2009.... :D
  8. so it's being filmed for a dvd release? I assume it's not being shown live some where and i'm missing out...
  9. I am bloody loving it! I was amazed to hear brian eno's an ending at the start too, that is one of my favourite songs aswell. Wish I could see it as well as hear it.
  10. Hahaha, I'm crying. Funny posters ^ PS I so wish I could watch this live but i'm working.
  11. This song is amazing. I guessed the title was irony, since the song isn't really about true love, it's about someone not loving the other as much as they do or not even loving them at all, but still wanting to hear those words to make themselves feel better.
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