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The Frengers Family Thread


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Ok, after a bit of critisicsm that us Mew fans (The Frengers) were taking over the WoM forums, we've started this thread for Mew related and un-related conversations...anything goes...but proper news and discussions about Mew should really be posted in the Mew thread..this thread is to keep the fangirly and off topic wafflings in one place and hopefully keep the main thread a bit neater...


...so where were we..?


.....oh yeah... The hotness of Mew makes for more listening pleasure. Discuss....



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Well pumpkin, obviously! Doh! ;)


Just teasing ... I add a few carrots, onions, potatoes as well for an extra flavour, and then in the end some Cream Freche, I think that is called Sour Cream in English? Salt, pepper a few herbs here and there ... it is always different but somehow you can't really go wrong with it. ;)


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haha true, the Triplicate Mew Hotness kills me on a daily basis..:dead:




Did/does anyone actually fancy Johan..? We never talk about him. He looks pretty awful these days, Kites era he looked quite gawky and lanky but before that he seemed to have some boyband-stylee moments..to rival even Bo's rugged charm:)



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In the fist set I must say Silas looks the best. Bo on the other hand, my goodness looks like he was styled in a woman's hairdresser salon. Jonas looks cute, but lost ... :P


But on that other picture, oh my gosh ... Bo ... is edible :PI can't concentrate on Johan right now, with Bo looking good like that :D BRB!

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