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  1. Also, for those people still waiting on a review - I know how frustrating it can be so I'm totally up for reviewing one or more. Pm me if you want (if that's allowed) :D
  2. Awww thanks so much for reviewing it and for saying such lovely things about it. I did put a bit of work into getting it just right so it's nice it was appreciated :) Very ambient, sort of semi-electronic stuff, the band's called North Atlantic Oscillation and they're different from the usual indie-rock-fare I usually go for. The album's great, totally recommend it. Soft Coda ~ North Atlantic Oscillation By The Sea - a new band that are reasonably local to me, from the Liverpool area, they quite literally live 'by the sea' lol. The vocal's are really soft and 'breath-y' (dunno how else to describe it) So Long, So Far ~ By The Sea They are pretty strange. This is Pond, who share band members with Tame Impala - Aussie psychedelia. Modern band but they sound like they're from the 60s/70s. Moth Wings ~ Pond Haha Submarines not summering, although I agree it must be hard to get that if you don't know the trackname. I love this, it's a fun track, upbeat, kind of nonsense lyrics Submarines ~ The Lumineers Yep cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I don't actually like the original, I think this version is far more heartfelt and matches the emotion of the lyrics more, but then I did hear this version first, so that makes me biased haha. I love the pedal steel guitar on this, but then The Sand Band use a lot of pedal steel in such a beautiful way. Plus this is another Liverpool area band, connections with track 2 and track 6 - I listen to a lot of Scouse music Maps (cover) ~ The Sand Band This is off the solo album of the drummer from my favourite band, The Coral. More of that Scouse music :) It's just really pretty chilled out psychedelic stuff Nickel And A Dime ~ Ian Skelly Local Natives - they are a wee bit bonkers, I think. Off their new album from earlier this year. American, kind of folky. Breakers ~ Local Natives Dan Mangan. I love him, he has a great way with words. Another one with slightly mad lyrics - in a good way of course Robots ~ Dan Mangan Romantic is a good description. This band do a lot of kitchen-sink romanticism, kind of like The Smiths used to. They are a fairly newish band, second album in 2 or 3 years. Afterglow ~ The Crookes Absolutely in love with this song at the moment - it's gorgeous. American band Two Gallants, my brother got me into them but I've only heard the one album of theirs so far. Decay ~ Two Gallants Oldest track on the mixtape - off the solo album of The Stones Roses' guitarist, John Squire - the best guitarist to have ever lived in my humble opinion ;) Not such a great singer tho, I grant that lol - his voice is a bit gravelly. He's still a total legend tho Time Changes Everything ~ John Squire Another beautiful one, it's the guitar that gets me on this one, the way he makes it sing, I love it. Long Vows ~ Band of Horses Long one, but the way it changes up and stops and starts makes it feel like different tracks. I think it goes well with the ambience of the first track, the two compliment each other and kind of 'bookend' the tape, in a way. This guy used to be in Supergrass - a 90s Britpop band, but his solo album is a really different direction Universal Cinema ~ Gaz Coombes Just a fun, odd kind of bonus track, thought I throw in a curveball at the end ;) This band are a little bit crazy, hard to categorise, they use a lot weird instruments. Oh and it's sung in Welsh by the way - they just repeat the title. It means 'Goodbye everybody' - fitting end :) Hwyl Fawr I Pawb ~ Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Anyway, thanks again so much for stepping into Maple's shoes and taking over the review. You're a star ! :D Tracklist: {track ~ artist} Soft Coda ~ North Atlantic Oscillation So Long, So Far ~ By The Sea Moth Wings ~ Pond Submarines ~ The Lumineers Maps ~ The Sand Band Nickel And A Dime ~ Ian Skelly Breakers ~ Local Natives Robots ~ Dan Mangan Afterglow ~ The Crookes Decay ~ Two Gallants Time Changes Everything ~ John Squire Long Vows ~ Band of Horses Universal Cinema ~ Gaz Coombes Hwyl Fawr I Pawb ~ Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Mixtape link
  3. Don't think mine's gonna get reviewed. My partner's had more than enough chances now, it's gone beyond a joke. Is there anyone still waiting for a tape? Otherwise mine's just gone to waste :(
  4. Still haven't had a review of the tape I made :( Sick of waiting.... If Maple ever comes back here and posts a review, someone wake me up.... :\
  5. Excellent. Will defo check him out when I get the chance :D Thanks
  6. Just incase my review has been overlooked - thought I'd link back to it. here Also not sure if the tape I made has even been downloaded by the recipient yet, they haven't even logged in for ages, hope they haven't gone awol :(
  7. MY REVIEW: 1. Sunshiney. I like this. Really fun, upbeat and catchy. Very good 2. Muse? I've never been that fussed on Muse, they seem a bit pretenious sometimes, but this is decent song. Has a good beat, nice synthy bits and grungey guitar. I've heard it before but dunno the name of the song. 3. Hmmmm odd start. Then it all goes a bit Paramore. It's not really horrible but it's not my sort of thing, I don't like her vocal, too aggressive and angsty. 4. Cute little acoustic with story-telling-type lyrics. Not bad, sounds a bit dull tho, like a watered down Frank Turner. Don't like the guy's accent either. 5. Sounds like Keane. Again it's not a bad song, it's ok but nothing special about it. It's all a bit too mainstream for me to get excited tho. 6. Haha ok it's all gone a bit dracula...creepy. Phantom of the Opera, ok, complete gear change, wasn't expecting that. Not bad, even if it is a little 70s. 7. I know this. Simply Red, omfg! Off the Stars album, am I right? My mum had this lp on cassette tape, waaay back when. Think I used to try and nick it off her. Great song, even if Mick Hucknell does give me the creeps... ...ok after the last two tracks I am confused what age my mixtape maker is, I was thinking late teens but now I'm not so sure :D 8. Instrumental, like a movie soundtrack. Or sounds like something off Fantastia. Keeps fading in and out which is odd, but it's pretty. 9. Killllllerrrrs ? LOVE this song, haven't heard it in aaages. "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier" Brilliant 10. More Muse? Sounds like Matt Bellamy anyway. Not bad, grungey, solid drumming. Liking the distorted guitar solo. 11. Instumental? Slow start. Sounds like a movie soundtrack thingie again, all dramatic tension building. Now some soft but high pitched singing, it's ok I guess. Quite dramatic, nice strings. 12. Omg The Bee Gees - are u kidding me? What can I say, don't want to bad mouth it cos it's a classic but it's not something I'd choose to listen to personally. It's so cheesy. :laugh3: Interesting mixtape there, thanks :) You mixed it up a bit with different styles. Overall tho, it was a bit too mainstream for me (although there was a few curveballs in there :lol:) I really like it when a mixtape gives me a few new artists to get excited about tho, but you achieved that with Track 1, I'd like to know who did that one and check out more from that guy :thumbsup: Anyway Thanks :)
  8. I'm another one still waiting, looks like there's quite a few of us :(
  9. ^ Ooooooh Love a bit of Buble :dead: I can't wait for the BRMC new one. Spectre At The Feast - it's supposed to be a good 'un :dance:
  10. This is me Oh, an I'm dead fussy about music, so please don't stick whatever you like on it - I don't want anything that sounds remotely like The Vaccines, anything that sounds like it comes from the 80s or anything that descends into rap or 'features' David Guetta or some such rubbish. I'm a snob, I'm sorry, what can I say? :P :P Oh and I know I say this everytime but I hate iTunes, hate it with a passion, so please please please don't use m4a files cos I just won't play them! So, yeah apart from all that Lovely Mixtape Partner feel free to put whatever you want on there :laugh3: Good luck ;)
  11. Aww thanks guys :kiss: Glad to be back - looking forward to this :D
  12. Been away from coldplaying for aaaages and missed the last few of these. Totally comin' back for this one :D Bung me name down please
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