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    Coldplay have today premiered the out-of-this-world video for My Universe, their hit new collaboration with BTS. The video is available to watch at https://youtu.be/3YqPKLZF_WU now.




    Helmed by superstar director Dave Meyers - who also directed Coldplay’s Higher Power video - the My Universe clip is set in the distant galaxy of The Spheres where music is forbidden, but BTS, Coldplay and an alien supergroup called Supernova 7 unite via hologram to defy the ban…

    My Universe is taken from Coldplay’s forthcoming album Music Of The Spheres, which arrives on October 15th.

    Since its release on Friday, My Universe has already been streamed more than 100 million times and topped sales and airplay charts around the world.

    Coldplay also unveiled two new versions of My Universe, their hit collaboration. The stripped back Acoustic Version of the track is available here, while the Supernova 7 mix, created by Coldplay's Guy Berryman, can be streamed here.

    Meanwhile, a short film documenting the recording of My Universe in BTS’s Seoul studio alongside Coldplay’s Chris Martin premiered yesterday on the South Korean group’s YouTube channel, at https://youtu.be/viM_c-Fc7sc.

    My Universe, which hit Number One on iTunes in 95 countries upon its release last week, has already been heralded by NME as “a sparkling single”, with Billboard praising the “galaxy-sized collaboration” and USA Today calling it “another surefire hit”.


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    • In my opinion Higher Power works well as an opener indeed, it will be difficult to replace. As a closer, Biutyful is more likely to be replaced, I think. I just really hope they have written a strong album closer for Moon Music, which is suitable to play. I think People of the Pride is getting dropped and replaced with something similar from Moon Music. I think they hinted a couple of times that they have some new song which is more heavy than PotP, was it called Jupiter? But honestly I'm not sure what to expect. Maybe just 3-4 new songs added into setlist, but we might end up getting an whole setlist being turned upside down. Currently I would say the start of setlist from Higher Power to Viva la Vida is rock solid. Rest of the setlist is alright, but the only really iconic sequence of songs in my opinion is just the combination of My Universe and A Sky Full of Stars. Middle part of the show and encore is definitely something which could be changed up a lot, if they got new ideas. Overall, I have just one demand. It would be cool to see them play their instruments as an whole band more often in some new songs, something with piano involved. I just hope they have written something cool for Moon Music, which they can pull of during live performance as well. Coloratura was cool, but didn't quite work on stadium. Maybe it's time for Chris to calm down and start behaving like an older gentleman in a few more songs. Not so many songs have to be so full of jumping around, it's not making it easy to sing either.😆 Noticed that as well, I think he sang a lot more after this summer's European leg, in fact it seemed like recently in US, Asia and Australia he sang more than he ever had been during previous legs of MOTS tour - haven't done extensive research though, so don't quote me on that. They seem to be conservative with his voice, because of this tour being a long one. At this point I'm pretty sure they continue in 2025 as well.
    • This has been on my mind recently now that Coldplay are finally returning to NZ next year,   My thoughts: - MOTS/Higher Power is likely to remain opener. - Biutyful is likely to stay as closer, possibly they could rotate it with a Moon Music song? Seems unlikely tho. - LSG & Coloratura are already dropped save for the odd appearance. Humankind will stay as a rotational song. I don't see Human Heart/POTP being dropped it seems like they are both essential moments. - I think the whole rotational CB, Orphans, Politik, IMP thing is temporary and next year will be scrapped and replaced with a permanent Moon Music song replaces all of these options. It would be a little disappointing to see as this is what currently makes the tour setlists interesting to follow but its the most likely outcome to happen here. The Songbook song I think has a good chance of being replaced with a new ballad from Moon Music too, its essentially become an excuse to play dumbed down versions of Everglow, Fly on and Up&Up so its become a little boring. - I would love Politik to become regular given the world scene but I may be dreaming. Most people think Charlie Brown should be a regular instead of rotational but personally I don't think the song is needed so much this tour. - Production Tricks is a bit hard to predict but we know there's something spectacular coming with the visuals for one of the new songs and the lightclub will change again next year, potentially with another Moon Music song too. - The setlist might be slightly longer. Overall I can see about 4 stadium friendly Moon Music songs entering the setlist but 3 would essentially replace current songs and one would be additional. It's not the most ideal scenario but I feel like its the most predictable given how things have panned out this tour. On another note its nice to see Chris singing some songs live again and reducing songs he's lip-syncing, especially the recent USA West Coast leg where POTP and Clocks were sung live (although sometimes the lip-synced vocal track is preferable to the ad-libs Chris does live ...😬) In saying that, his health is the number 1 priority and not our best value for entertainment so its completely understandable and even acceptable that Chris lipsyncs some songs especially ones which are vocally taxing. He's not the young man he once was he's getting closer to 50 lol.
    • - Will they change the show opener Higher Power to something new? Possibly - Will they change the show closer Biutyful to something new? Probably - Which songs from MOTS album will be dropped from setlist completely to make space for Moon Music songs? I would be disappointed if any of them are dropped, apart from Human Heart or Biutyful - Which one of the classic hit songs should be given some rest? Sparks, Don't Panic and In My Place - Which one of the older songs currently not regularly on setlist should be made regular? Shiver and Swallowed in the Sea - Some interesting new production tricks? Hopefully - Should they make concert a bit longer? Definitely
    • Just because it's quiet in Coldplay front at the moment, I thought it would be fun and exciting to speculate what will change in MOTS concert setlist and production next year when Moon Music is released. Some key points: - Will they change the show opener Higher Power to something new? - Will they change the show closer Biutyful to something new? - Which songs from MOTS album will be dropped from setlist completely to make space for Moon Music songs? - Which one of the classic hit songs should be given some rest? - Which one of the older songs currently not regulary on setlist should be made regular? - Some interesting new production tricks? - Should they make concert a bit longer? Yes 😀  
    • Hi all, In the Netherlands at the end of the year we have since 1999 the Top 2000 at NPO Radio 2. This is a list of the best 2000 songs ever, as voted by the (dutch) listeners. This is the most popular list (gets the most media attention) in the Netherlands and last year Fix You reached an all time high in this list at place number 5. Off course we would love to see a Coldplay song at the number 1 spot! So, I need your help/vote! Got to https://stem.nporadio2.nl/top2000-2023/1/ and cast your vote. The site is in dutch, but hopefully, most of you understand what needs to be done. I just tested with a VPN set to location UK and it seemed to work, so hopefully the same goes for you. Step 1 is filling your favorite songs (Minimum 5, maximum 35 and off course Fix You!!! 😁), by typing in the search field and adding the song with the '+'. Once you have sufficient songs, you can go to the next step 2. Step 2 Is where you can fill the motivation, but that's entirely optional Step 3 Is where you need to fill your Name and Mailadress and agree to the terms and conditions (the one check box at the bottom). The rest is optional Step 4 Is confirming your choices by mail (check spam and it might take a few minutes) That's it Please don't vote for the following songs, as they are the ones which compete with Fix You for the top spot: Queen    Bohemian Rhapsody Eagles    Hotel California Billy Joel    Piano Man Led Zeppelin    Stairway to Heaven Pearl Jam    Black Metallica    Nothing Else Matters Queen    Love of My Life Pink Floyd    Wish you Were here Guns 'N Roses    November Rain Pink Floyd    Comfortably Numb   Thanks in advance!!!
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