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  1. https://coldplaying.com/search
  2. Today Coldplay played a short live set on Instagram in support of Global Citizen’s ‘Every Vote Counts’ campaign. Coldplay, a band comfortable playing in front of 70,000 people in stadiums, played live to a virtual audience today on Instagram in their typical awkwardly cute ways. We were treated to Phil on camera, pointing his phone close to each band members face while they cheerily smile and laugh at each other. Phil also paused the band halfway through their set to untangle himself from the bundle of wires tethered to the phone! While troubled with a few technical issues, the band played a spectacular set live from Hansa Studios in Berlin. Despite the glitches, Coldplay proved their versatility as a band today by playing each song live and raw without their usual spectacles of fireworks, lasers and massive screens. Each track was performed beautifully by each band member accompanied only by their own instruments. It's rare that we ever get treated to such an incredible stripped back set from Coldplay but they have outdone themselves today! Everything’s Not Lost was particularly well received by fans on Twitter who haven’t heard the song played live in years. Today’s show was in support of Global Citizen’s latest campaign ‘Every Vote Counts’. During the Instagram Live, Chris pleaded with viewers to vote in the upcoming US 2020 presidential election and asked major news outlets to hold off on calling the election until every vote is counted Many states can’t start counting mail-in ballots until Election Day, and with more people than ever voting by mail due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may take weeks to count them. Whether former Vice President Joe Biden or President Donald Trump wins could come down to a few states, and if news outlets call the results prematurely, it could have serious consequences, causing confusion, doubt in the democratic process, and even unrest.
  3. Popular Coldplay cover band 'Atlas Apart', have released a new cover of 'Lovers in Japan' and it's epic! Atlas Apart was formed during lockdown back in March to participate in Global Citizen's ' Together at Home', a campaign rallying funds for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. The group follows Coldplay's mantra of 'One Big Band', a staple of Coldplay's concerts in recent years, and has received massive community involvement from the wonderful Coldplay fanbase! Whilst not having a round-the-clock frontman, the group employs a new singer for each cover to showcase the vast talent present in the Coldplay community. Atlas Apart consists of violinist Elif from England, guitarist Gideon and drummer Frank from The Netherlands, and pianist / guitarist Kyle and bassist / guitarist Rece from the US. When asked about working from opposite ends of the world, the group said: "It's amazing yet a little challenging. We've definitely got a nice flow going when it comes to recording. Although it's a little challenging sometimes, it makes it more rewarding when the pieces all come together for the final song. It still would be nice to play/jam in the same space with everyone, but thats what makes this band special. Playing together from opposite sides of the world." The band's latest project is a cover of Lovers in Japan, a fan favourite taken from Coldplay's fourth studio album. "As soon as we discussed doing Lovers in Japan, my homemade tack piano was the first thing that popped into my head. Unfortunately it's a little out of tune and I didn't have enough time to get someone to come and tune it. So I bought a tack piano VST for the audio, but decided to use the tack piano for the visual. It was the first time I played it in a cover other than showing it initially back in 2013. It probably would have been more fitting for the Charlie Brown cover seeing as it has an MX coat of paint, but the tack aspect of it was perfect for Lovers in Japan" says Kyle. "We are working on originals as well! We are looking forward to the future and wherever it might take us. We have these goals set up to achieve as a band. Some of them include things like finding a permanent vocalist, releasing our first original, etc... We are in full throttle mode right now with creating the music, and can’t wait to record them fully! Well, once we find a permanent vocalist" Whatever the band has in store, you can keep up to date with them by following their social medias by clicking here!
  4. stephen

    rudy_o thread

    Nice to see you check in every once in a while! Forums are very much dying a fast death on the internet, only a few are surviving. Social media has completely taken over. I plan on keeping Coldplaying around for a long time though, even if I'm just catering to 5 people lol
  5. This will be an interesting gig. A lot of people’s thought process is that Coldplay were meant to announce an album this year but didn’t because of the pandemic. I wonder if this will be the start of it all, similar to how they played ‘Amazing Day’ at the Global Citizen Festival in New York back in 2015.
  6. This is a known issue, I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it but I will keep trying! Can you link me to what articles are not loading for you. Everything seems to be working for me EDIT: Never mind I just fixed it lol, it was a bug with AJAX pagination for anyone interested 😛
  7. Because of Apples policy it's very difficult and expensive for us to have a Coldplaying app. However, at some point there may be an 'Invision Community' app in which you can access any community based on that system. I have no date on that though. In terms of a chat feature, that can be added but previously it never got much use. I can bring back 'clubs' where users can create private/public clubs eg. Oldplayers, Parachutes fans etc. However this may divide the community even more. There's a lot to think about here.
  9. Dark mode requires a bunch of changes, it will be coming soon hopefully.
  10. Anyone else not like the colorful border around the profile pics? I can change it back if enough people agree. Thanks for the feedback 🙂
  11. Not sure if that is even possible since the systems are vastly different. I will take a look though
  12. Wait...are you guys gonna treat us to cat pics right now
  13. I wonder did the people in 2008 ever think we'd be talking about social distancing in 2020 lmao
  14. Good to hear! Let me know if you come across any issues or have any suggestions!
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