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  1. The way the sound just stopped suddenly when he pressed the button lmao. Anyways 05. A Sky Full of Stars
  2. Guitar and Piano, and "the rest of band in a box" aka a launchpad
  3. 01. Yellow 02. Adventure of a Lifetime 03. Viva La Vida So far anyway!
  4. They're taking over!! Yeah I'm getting terrible audio lmao. Embarrassing for a tech conference
  5. Thank you to everyone for the support regarding our Twitter being suspended. We are working with Coldplay to get it reinstated.
  6. I'd like to remind everyone that while discussion of leaks is allowed, you are not allowed share the links publicly.
  7. I agree, the previous theme was my favourite. I think I will revert to it, offer users to switch between the ligher theme and the current 'Higher Power' theme. The other themes shouldn't even be there. They are beyond defunct at this point.
  8. I mostly agree. It's only a 15 second snippet, this song could be epic and we won't have any idea until Friday comes. Max Martin is likely the producer of this single and if an album follows then he likely has no involvement. They could easily treat us with some epic tracks, let's not jump to conclusions yet!
  9. Overall though, what is everyone's favourite theme? Without paying attention the the current bugs, do people prefer the new theme over the older one. I can easily make both available but which one should be the default theme?
  10. Yes, working on it now! This theme took forever to make and I was so tired to finish it lmao
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