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    Coldplay Release “Champion Of The World” Video & Acoustic EP



    Coldplay have today premiered the video for “Champion Of The World,” from their critically-lauded new album Everyday Life.


    The video was filmed in Los Angeles by French director Cloé Bailly. You can watch it at https://youtu.be/kayI9QB1-IA now.


    Says Cloé: “The video is about this magic power that kids have to switch off from reality and jump into their own world.”


    The video comes hot on the heels of the video for “Cry Cry Cry,” which was directed by Dakota Johnson and Cory Bailey and is available to watch at https://youtu.be/lA9-TQE3lTM.


    The band’s new Coldplay Reimagined acoustic EP / short film is also out this week on Apple Music. It features Chris Martin & Jonny Buckland’s stripped-back performances of “Cry Cry Cry,” “BrokEn” and “Champion Of The World” from Everyday Life, and is available at https://apple.co/coldplay.

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    • This was the version in the AHFOD documentary, and I believe it was the first one to be leaked. It's also my favourite.
    • new snippet for the lyrics video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUGJz7VojcY/?utm_medium=copy_link the leaked version was not the final one😱 new version sounds much better  
    • I'm hyped for this. BTS are one of the most fun and charismatic pop outfits in the world, a perfect fit for the sounds Coldplay love to show on their more joyous chart-pop tracks. Chorus has hit written all over it, and that outro bops too. Production sounds rich and layered. It won't be one of the band's classics, of course, but it should be a fun pop tune.  We know two more art-y and emotional tracks will be on the album, and the trailer showed off some more abrasive sounds too. I, for one, am loving this post-AHFOD era of the band, pure eclecticism and freedom. I know their best albums are behind them, but that's the case for hundreds of artists who are still worth listening to. I'm grateful for all the masterpieces, and now I'm here for the era of just seeing where the inspiration takes them. This one sounds fun. 
    • Yes this is legit and it is an AHFOD. Actually all the leaked demos of The Race are from AHFOD era (I have my sources on this 👀) Further to this, The Race was going to be called Kaleidoscope during AHFOD but the guesthouse poem is what made the final cut and The Race version that we’ve heard in full was scrapped. No idea about the ‘Whatever it takes’ version tho. A fan also spoke to Phil Harvey today about any updates on The Race and he had nothing to share so I guess we’ll be waiting a little while yet for its release.     
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