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    Chris Martin's Clothing Reveals First Glimpse Of 'A Head Full Of Dreams' Theme!

    The iconic, first glimpse of what we can (safely) assume is the theme or band clothing, for 'A Head Full Of Dreams' has been revealed! It's colourful as expected and to say the Coldplaying forums are exploding right now would be an understatement!


    Huge thanks to 'Jc90' for being the first to post this pic (above) on the 'LP7' thread


    This is taken from Coldplay's rumoured video shoot (behind the scenes with fans) in India (Click here for the very recent article on the possible new music video).


    The latest reactions:


    'BiggerStronger' had a keen eye:

    The font on Chris' orange shirt looks like the MX font, I don't think (or hope) that they'll use that font for this album though.

    'the_escapist' wasn't too surprised:

    Well, well. MX part 2 as we had anticipated...

    'JackZ' posted:

    Wow I'm excited. I feel like it's the lead up to "LP5" all over again.


    I see the resemblance to the MX era in terms of clothing, but I feel like that jacket seems more toned down. The patches are reminiscent of both Viva and MX, which makes sense if this is supposed to be the end of an era. This style seems to fit in with their more recent albums' styles. And I like the upper patch. The purple and orange is cool. Seems like Chris' shirt is also orange with purple lettering (I think). I like that color scheme. Makes this album seem less flashy than MX.

    Cheetaz commented with:

    It's happening, the LP7 thread is about to crash coldplaying.

    It's alright Cheetaz, I've got it covered ;)


    Coldplaying server


    We'll keep you updated with all the latest pics, on the forum thread and on this article. Stay tuned.


    Coldplay producer, Rik Simpson (with R2D2(!!) weighs in on all the hype):

    Album update, R2D2 approves LOL!!! pic.twitter.com/cVnbhihHdP

    — Rik Simpson (@Rikademus) September 9, 2015

    A quick glimpse of the Coldplay 'set' in India.


    Video del set de grabación! pic.twitter.com/mumyDmYo80


    — Club Coldplayer (@ClubColdplayer) September 9, 2015



    And here we have it. First snap in a while, of the band in action.

    It's happening! pic.twitter.com/7u2yABAHnc

    — Lazy Gryffindor (@devika_n) September 9, 2015


    A new HD photo of the band covered in paint, among Indian fans:


    Coldplay HD AHFOD


    This article confirms Coldplay ARE in India for a music video and are shooting in different parts of the country. (Thanks vinny9)

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