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  2. Whenever they visit Australia, i'm shoving everyone out of the way so I can get tickets.
  3. Anyone know what the Alien is saying at the intro?
  4. Seems like MOTS is heading to overthrone AFHOD as their worst reviewed album on Metacritic, Anydecentmusic and even Rate Your Music.
  5. Well, I didn't expect much from this album and still feel disappointed. Let Somebody Go and Biutyful must be their most dull and uninspired songs ever. Sad to say this but the album is being deservedly panned. Maybe their next "stripped back" album will be a good one. Sucks that they won't tour it at all. PS: I still think AFHOD is a worst album, though.
  6. The true bit depths of Ghost Stories [DD 24/44.1], MOTS [DD 24/44.1] and A Head Full of Dreams [BD 24/96] is 24, identified by Adobe Audition amplitude statistics.
  7. It was promising but the production ruined it and lyrically it is very weak
  8. It looks like, M E L T to me. Yet maybe it's because I enjoy eating tuna melt sandwiches that my brain that is prone to thinking that. It would be great if we had more images.
  9. Think this thread will be relevant anymore? Just opened a new webpage and hopped onto the official Coldplay website. It appears folks are designing new bands. I'm concerned these new bands will have updated technology so the bands from the MX tour and Dreams tour won't work.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I like most of the individual tracks on the album, but I think I would enjoy the album as a whole more if the interludes ✨ and 🌎 weren’t there.
  12. I love Let Somebody Go, but I can't help that it reminds me a bit too much of this one:
  13. As mentioned before, I liked Vol.1 but can't help to feel underwhelmed. It seems they just wanted to have fun, explore new stuff and play it live, which ultimately resulted in something more carefree, I won't use "lazy" because they clearly had a lot of effort into putting the era together for us. With that said, this and Vol.3 (which I'm not sure it exists) will likely be marketed as side albums, which gives me hope for them to concentrate fully in the art, they tried to balance things on Vol.1 but it didn't worked well. And please no more emojis, I have nothing against it but the only thing
  14. cannot waaaaaait for this one!! Missed out on seeing Coldplay in Paris (my favourite city in the world + excellend crowd guaranteed) during the AHFOD tour and this time we're planning to go with a group of friends I've all met thanks to this band (and some even thanks to this forum!) so the hype is real. I've been to the Stade de France once, but for a football match lol so all I can tell you is it's absolutely enormous so if you want a seating ticket I'd get one on the sides, not "at the back" facing the stage. You can find a map of the stadium online, and Live Nation are hopefull
  15. I agree with all the folks who say infinity sign will transition from c stage to main stage and into last two songs of Sky Full of Stars and Coloratura. My universe may even end main set. Have to think about the full list for a bit.
  16. I'm planning to buy tickets for this one. It would be my first time seeing them live and I'm nervous about the whole process. Can anyone give me some tips, preferably those that went to the Paris show before? I'd like to know if it's difficult to get tickets (i.e. if they sell really fast) and which seats you think are the best. Any other tips are welcome. I really don't want to mess this up.
  17. Max Martin did have a lot to do with Humankind which is one of the album’s stronger songs, so I wouldn’t discount him. And production is quite good except arguably People of the Pride. what’s the deal with Aurora? It’s just driving me nuts = )
  18. Information and discussion thread for the show at Rock in Rio!
  19. Information and discussion thread for the 1st show in Glasgow! Support: H.E.R.
  20. Information and discussion thread for the 3rd show at Wembley! Support: London Grammar
  21. Information and discussion thread for the 2nd show at Wembley! Support: H.E.R.
  22. Information and discussion thread for the 1st show at Wembley! Support: H.E.R.
  23. Information and discussion thread for the 2nd show in Brussels! Support: H.E.R.
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