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  2. Fun to see people posting again here! In 2015, I said VLV, which is still my personal favorite. I think you can make a good argument for almost every Coldplay album except MOTS, which I think is just objectively mediocre. In 2021, I think fans should start considering Everyday Life. Not everyone loved it initially, and even I had issues with the pacing and how some themes seems only lightly touched on in a somewhat superficial way (Trouble in Town, Guns, Eko). But now, I start to understand Chris' vision for the album a bit more and because all the songs are so damn good and the collaborations are so cool, I would maybe add EL to the candidate list along with VLV, AROBTTH, and Parachutes.
  3. Today
  4. I think that all boils down to what we intend with the word "masterpiece", because there are several albums in their production which could share that title. I find it tricky to think about this in absolute terms. Plus the album is the final outcome of an era, and this makes things more complex. To me, Viva was their masterpiece. However there are other albums which are gems in their own ways and come close second. I don't like every album of theirs, but I want to think that for every album they have tried their best. I know that they will never give a definitive answer, but it would be cool to ask what the band thinks about this. After all, it's their work, so they could give quite a different vision from the generally shared one! (but I suspect their answer wouldn't be x and y, as far as we know😅). Or maybe they would say their masterpiece is yet to come, who knows
  5. Viva La Vida. I almost shake and trow up with how overrated AROBTTH is.
  6. Hey Hasan, I absolutely love these designs. I’d like one of each. How do I purchase this? Nipun
  7. Yesterday
  8. We will see, probably not before the start of tour, but might be in the middle of tour. I remembered this interview with the bosses of their record label https://www.musicweek.com/labels/read/parlophone-s-mark-mitchell-nick-burgess-on-coldplay-the-band-s-bts-hit-and-joining-the-100k-club/084566 Some fragments from it: "we'll go with another single early in the new year" and "So we will carry it through until the tour dates and then we'll look at what's [next]." I think they have a clear vision with their label and follow this. So, we can expect a new single soon, but the possible vol. 2 of MOTS will be arriving in the summer the earliest probably.
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    Coldplay on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  10. Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica National Stadium Of Costa Rica, C. 68, Nunciatura, San José, Costa Rica
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  12. I'm sure they have plenty of new material ready to go, including "The Race", which fans have been begging for. That would be terrific if they'd do it.
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    Chris Martin on KISS 1065 Sydney
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    Chris Martin with Fitzy and Wippa on Nova 96.9FM
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    Higher Power ISS Launch Space
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    Chris Martin on the Carrie and Tommy Show on Hit Network (AUS)
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    https://planetradio.co.uk/hits-radio/shows/the-hits-radio-breakfast-show-with-fleur-east/ https://twitter.com/hitsradiouk/status/1389633421408755713
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    Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp
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    Chris Martin on BBC Radio 2 Morning Show
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    Coldplay on Elvis Duran Show
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    Chris Martin on the Woody Show
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    Chris with Stryker & Klein on KROQ 106.7FM
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    Chris Martin On Air With Ryan Seacrest
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    Chris Martin on Valentine in the Morning
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    Absolute Radio - Hometime with Bush
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