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    • Totally agreed! And I’m convinced that some bits of Coloratura came from Ghost Stories era.  The guitar solo has that “True Love” feeling, and indeed, the MOTS Part I is basically the same pad texture that is before “Always In My Head”. When I listen MOTS I in some part of my mind I wait for the AIMH starting. So… yes. It sound like a natural transition. Cheers Doomotron.
    • I was just listening to my all time favourite song CLOCKS and remembered all the time I used to spend here. I was going to make a new account because I haven’t been here in a while. But to my surprise my old account was still active! It’s been 12 years since I’ve been here and I was most active In 2005-6. Back then I’d spend everyday coming here looking for bootleg concerts recordings to burn haha. I was 19 when I fell in love with Coldplay and suddenly I’m now 40. Boy time really flies! Coldplay unfortunately lost me after their 4th album as I couldn’t connect with the others. Maybe they changed, maybe me, probably both. Despite that they are still my favourite band. More than that they are apart of my soul and who I am. They helped to shape the man I came to be. Just wanted to say hi after all these years. Chad
    • A Sky Full Of Stars followed by Coloratura is quite frequent for these shows, isn't it? I guess it does make sense...
    • yea I immediately heard the piano change. And the piano at the end of the song is actually also the studio version. 
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