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    • I so hope you're right. I would love something like that.
    • Here are my thoughts: I don't see them releasing a huge project that they can't tour for a few years. At this rate it looks like a vaccine could be available within the next year or so but who honestly knows. That means every tour is getting pushed back til at least 2022, if not later. I don't think Coldplay will tour until after that. I think we will see them release a project (projects?) that is really for the fans (unreleased music/re-worked material). Chris did say that they view themselves as a service for people who enjoy their music. They want to provide for that. Now is a perfect time to release albums/EPs that won't necessarily be mainstream, although they will undoubtedly have some singles.  Idk that's just where my mind is. I don't think they will perform anything new tonight, but I won't completely rule it out. It's a pre recorded performance so it would give them a great opportunity to show off a new song the way they want to. It gets the attention back on them after being away for a few months. I think we will see them release something this year, but whether it's a huge mainstream album or just a side project for the fans remains to be seen. I personally want a project for the fans. Imagine them bringing back things like Ladder to the Sun, Moses, etc. I know they don't like to look back but hey, now is a good time to. Also they said they would never do a greatest hits album, but they might not feel bad about doing it if they include some unreleased bonus tracks. I would certainly be all for it. The label probably wants something and this would be a good middle ground. Maybe I am just daydreaming though. 
    • I really think this is the era where the band will introduce a new era/song live (tomorrows festival). During the At the start of the MX era, we heard a handful of songs live before the studio versions and I think this will happen again (The Race? ) 🙂
    • Has anyone figured out what the writing says?
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