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    Coldplay's next album "really beginning to shine"

    Coldplay's next album "really beginning to shine"

    Coldplay's upcoming seventh album. A Head Full Of Dreams is "really beginning to shine", according to the band's producer, Rik Simpson.


    On his latest blog post, the award winning sound engineer seems to be beaming with excitement and general positivity, during the recording phase of the record.


    So I just got back to London from another very productive recording session in LA.


    The album is really beginning to shine I think. Beyond that I can say no more, people will have to wait and hear it when it's ready. I will say this though, I love this point of recording an album. It's like the initial nerves of trying to find the path the record wants to take is over and we're just running free with it now, following wherever it decides to take us yet still reining it in occasionally so we're still pointed in the correct direction.


    Here's a shot of one of the studios we've been in last week, a beautiful hardwood room on the top of a hill in Malibu with a 180 degree view of the ocean. One of the most inspirational spots I've visited in recent years.


    To view the studio photo and see Rik's blog, please visit this link.


    Thanks to fellow fansite Coldplayzone.it for spotting the new blog post (Via Facebook).


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