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    Davide Rossi and Rik Simpson confirmed as producers for 'A Head Full Of Dreams'

    Davide Rossi and Rik Simpson confirmed as producers for 'A Head Full Of Dreams'

    Davide Rossi and Rik Simpson are confirmed as producers for Coldplay's next album, A Head Full Of Dreams. Davide helped to create Viva La Vida, arguably Coldplay's most successful song to date. Rik has been a long term producer for the band and has worked with the guys in the studio for their previous three albums.


    Let's delve into more background information on these influential figures in Coldplay's music.


    Rik Simpson


    Rik Simpson, also known as Rikademus is a GRAMMY award winning producer and is most famous for his continued work with Coldplay. For those familiar with the UK TV and film series, The Inbetweeners, the theme for the series was recorded by a band called Morning Runner. Their single, Gone Up In Flames was produced by none other than Rik Simpson.

    was another of Rik's productions.


    Rik Simpson - Coldplay


    The new era of Coldplay's albums, post-X&Y, largely with Brian Eno present has involved Rik's technical ability as a producer and a sound engineer. The man 'behind the scenes' describes his role in the following video, recorded during the Mylo Xyloto era in 2011:



    In recent news, other than the confirmation of Rik's involvement with Coldplay's upcoming seventh album, largely recorded in their Beehive studios (London), he posted one of his sound samples on Instagram (Video below). A previous clip was posted, just before the release of Ghost Stories but Rik later confirmed this was for use within his own projects.


    A video posted by @rikademus on Feb 1, 2015 at 9:07pm PST


    Thanks to @Awardchris / Mike (who is part of our new team), Rik has replied with more information on the studio below, which could be an alternative studio for recording Coldplay's next album. The impressive tech appears to be subject the other uses too...


    Coldplay possible studio LA


    Rik Simpson : This is Henson Studio A in LA. Built by Charlie Chaplin, was A&M now home of the Muppets!


    For those who want to the put the two together!


    Coldplay muppets


    Rik also runs his own personal blog. Hopefully, we will know more about his experiences with Coldplay for the upcoming album soon.


    Davide Rossi


    Davide is a talented violinist, composer and producer who has worked with other musicians previously, including The Verve and Goldfrapp. His earliest work with Coldplay happened during their fourth album, Viva La Vida and Death And All His Friends, where he influenced six Coldplay tracks with his instrumental arrangements: Violet Hill, Life In Technicolor, 42, Yes, Strawberry Swing and number one single, Viva La Vida. Davide's influence continued onto Coldplay's additional EP for the Viva era, Prospekt's March. Rainy Day is Davide Rossi all over and he also produced Prospekts March / Poppyfields.


    Chris Martin with Davide Rossi below, in 2009



    The Turin born Italian is highly thought of by Chris and co and the band had sort of broken their stage tradition in not letting another extra musician on stage with them in 2010, when Davide performed 'in the shadow' during the 2010 version of A Message.


    The Mylo era saw the producing side of Rossi in the spotlight once more, with Davide being involved with 10 tracks, including U.F.O and the b-side for Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, Moving To Mars.


    Most recently, he mixed his own version of Coldplay's third single from Ghost Stories, True Love.



    Davide Rossi's latest post on Facebook :


    Great to be back with @coldplay in the studio and to see Chris excited.

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