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    [Gallery] Coldplay at Global Citizen Festival & Reactions to 'Amazing Day'

    The gallery of Coldplay's Global Citizen show is now online! The concert, which raised awareness on global poverty turned out to be a tremendous occasion, as we saw the debut live performance of 'Amazing Day', a new uplifting Coldplay song.


    Check out the 'As It Happened' summary for full details of the setlist and more.


    Click here to view the Global Citizen Festival gallery - 40+ images


    How have Coldplayers reacted to 'Amazing Day'? Our online poll (below) has been up for almost 24 hours and there's generally a positive response.


    [socialpoll id=2297181]


    @coldplaying it seems it takes you back in time ❤ I'm in love with old Coldplay so I'm sure I will like the album so much!

    — Bj (@VassHappy_) September 27, 2015


    @coldplaying I got chills. I love it.

    — Mïčhæł Hęįdèlmãñ (@mheidelman) September 27, 2015


    86Timewarp on the forums rated 'Amazing Day'


    I don't know, I like the song a lot. It's not "poppy" but more Ballard driven which is what I think a lot of us were looking forward to with A Head Full of Dreams. It's kind of like a cross between a Rush of Blood to the Head and Ghost Stories, though this comparison might not be entirely true.


    Whatever you classify this song as, I like it and I want more of it.


    gai posted her thoughts on the track:


    "didn't watch the set yet, but listened to the song. certainly similarities to AIMH. a little too many for my liking. for me, it is a nice song, in a bad way. this is right up coldplay's alley. been there, done that. a little too many times. and for me, not worth repeating. you've gotta get people's hearts racing when you allude to new music from a new era! like with midnight, however disappointing it was afterwards. but remaining optimistic for lp7 wouldn't mind if this song goes the way of MTM (although how i wish for MTM to have been included in MX!)"


    alisbe reflects on the meaning of the song's lyrics:


    "Life has a crazy beautiful design"

    Amazing day for me sums up what we live. We have had different experiences that makes us what we are. Our families, friends, colleagues, classmates or even people we met occasionally are part of how we see the world. Also, we have have travelled to places where we see the beauty of whatever is around us.

    For me life isn't perfect. But, I believe we should be thankful for what we have. God, the universe, our parents, our families, who ever you want to thank for.

    Sorry for this essay. But, it's just to stay we are human beings who have our own believes. In a certain way, what we think is the correct answer to the questions we have. It won't be true until is stated on a book with the support of so many other people. So, just relax and enjoy what you want to enjoy. Don't try to change the point of view of others if you don't have a valid argument. And don't try to say what you think is right just because you think so. Be tolerant with what other fans think. Be respectful even when you're on the other side of the computer. Let's all have an amazing day inl a forum where we share our love and thoughts about a band that has the ability to make incredible songs in any kind of genre"


    The tune has also produced some very split opinions on our forums, with many pages of debates! To head on over and voice your opinon, click here.




    As always, there are audio/video downloads from the show, via our multimedia section. You can check them out here (Thanks to all the contributors)

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