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    'A Head Full Of Dreams' & new tour - All you need to know!








    Attention - This article has now been superseded by a more up-to-date summary, in July 2015


    'A Head Full Of Dreams' - All you need to know, so far!


    A Head Full Of Dreams will be Coldplay's seventh record and is expected to launch the band back to total world domination as the British superstars explore their musical horizons. The release date is unknown and there are many rumours floating around so we will tell you know what we know so far!


    The title was revealed by frontman, Chris Martin at the BBC Radio 1 studios (Zane Lowe's show) on December 5th 2014. This announcement was controversial among his fellow band mates and for the lead guitarist, Jonny Buckland in particular, who released his once in a decade occurring fit of rage upon Chris.


    Jonny angry



    Chris Martin : He took away my microphone away for about an hour. He said no singing for you!



    The Expected

    The band have revealed nuggets of information over the past 6 months! We have a breakdown below.

    The musical direction of LP7

    Chris Martin has already hinted towards a colourful affair once more and it will certainly be uplifting. The more personal the song is, the more likely it will end up on A Head Full Of Dreams, according to Coldplay’s lead singer, who has been in a buoyant mood in recent times.


    Chris dancing



    the more personal, the more likely it is to be released



    The frontman also stated it “will be fun to shuffle your feet a little bit”, in reference to A Head Full Of Dreams.

    Davide Rossi and Rik Simpson are producers for LP7

    The pair will be working with Coldplay while producing their seventh album. Check out our recent spotlight on the two talented producers, who have worked wonders with Coldplay in the past. Check out this neat interview below with Rik Simpson at the band's Beehive studios in London, where Mylo Xyloto was also recorded.


    A rush of songs to the head!

    We know that Chris Martin often gets songs 'sent to him' in the middle of the night and it appears to be more regular occurrence nowadays. During an interview with SiriusXM back in August 2014, Coldplay's frontman told them that he was "loving writing and recording at the moment" and that lots of ideas are coming through, with most of the Coldplay Midnight Lp7writing taking places in the middle of the night. Coldplay are currently in what is set to be their longest writing and record period, as after recording Ghost Stories (from 2013), the moved onto their seventh record straight away. From Chris Martin himself:

    We knew we wanted to make this thing called Ghost Stories and then make something else

    A Head Full Of Dreams will probably take them over the 2 year mark recording wise. Something they haven't been able to do in recent times due to the huge scale and time demands of the Viva and Mylo Xyloto tours. Coldplay probably have an absolute abundance of songs but the question will be over the quality of them. The one track we have heard almost post-Ghost Stories era, Miracles is very promising and was named as one of the top Coldplay tunes of 2014 by fans in a recent social poll.

    A Head Full Of Dreams tour

    We don't know whether it will be called that but we do know from Chris that a global tour will follow the release of the album! Enjoyed jumping around to Charlie Brown during the Mylo Xylotour? 'AHFOD' will contain songs that 'you can shuffle your feet to' so no doubt, there will be some 'dancey'/energetic tunes to adds to Coldplays live bow, which also consists of A Sky Full Of Stars and Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.


    The band are looking at ways they can interact more with fans, perhaps the ambitious team at ColdplayHQ are looking for something groundbreaking which has never been done before.


    Xylobands are likely to return, as we saw during the BBC Music Awards and will be flashing in multiple colours. The Mylo Xyloto tour cost Coldplay $7m in Xylobands and they had to play many shows 'effectively for free' as a result. A huge investment but an absolute massive return for the both the band to play in front of them and for the fans to be part of the stunning visuals the Xylobands create.


    The Why Not People? disability friendly Gig which is planned for this year, will feature the band and is tipped to kick off their tour, as numerous media sources report.


    Are you ready?


    Coldplay concert


    Coldplay xylobands


    Coldplay tour

    Collaboration with another artist expected

    Coldplay Rihanna

    Unless Chris has since changed his mind, he answered "we will" when asked whether another artist will feature on Coldplay's seventh album. Among the artists who could feature, Rihanna is largely tipped as Chris mentioned he would like the Diamonds hitmaker to flex her vocals for a particular Coldplay song to Fresh 102.7 New York. Other artists who have been linked and have received praise from members of Coldplay are electronic duo, Disclosure and singer, Sam Smith.



    The Rumours

    Things we don't know yet, mainly predictions.

    Song titles

    No tracks are confirmed at the moment but the two titles, On My Way Home and Radio Dial - Waltz in B Minor could possibly feature on Coldplay's next album and are both registered with writing credits from band or the tracks may even go the other way and be consigned to the dustbin of Coldplay tracks, along with Great Expectations and most famously, Car Kids which received a lot of attention (to say the least!!) on the Coldplaying forums back in 2011.


    Coldplay graffiti

    Glastonbury 2015

    It's a possibility.

    that it all depends on how the recording process of A Head Full Of Dreams pans out. Rumours from ticket websites are exaggerated and usually aimed to attract attention to their website. There are only two sources which will confirm it and they are: The festival itself, which is due to make the headlining acts announcement in Spring 2015 and (via Anchorman) Coldplay, who are working hard on the follow up to Ghost Stories.


    Glastonbury 2015

    Release date

    Coldplay jonny buckland

    Out of the four quarters this year, A Head Full Of Dreams is rumoured to be released between the third quarter (Q3) and the first quarter of 2016 (Q1). We may have to rely on a scarce supply of interviews this year to check Coldplay's recording process. During a Q&A session in December,

    so it doesn't seem like a release will happen before the half-way mark of 2015.

    Have your say!

    What are your thoughts on Coldplay's future and their next album, A Head Full Of Dreams? Let us know on our friendly community messageboards :)


    Many thanks to Jc90. Their 'fact thread' on Coldplay's seventh album inspired this article.


    We have also assembled a new Coldplaying.com team. We will all be keeping you up to date with Coldplay's next album and we have a few treats coming up for you. Stay tuned!


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