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    President Obama To Feature On 'A Head Full Of Dreams'

    In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on Kiss FM, Coldplay's lead singer revealed that a clip of U.S. President Obama, singing 'Amazing Grace' will feature on their forthcoming album, due for release on December 4th. 


    The clip originates from Obama's touching tribute to the Charleston Church massacre victims. Here's the clip of Barack Obama singing 'Amazing Grace', at the memorial service:



    A poem from 'The Guest House' (Written by Rumi, in the 13th century) will be another addition to 'AHFOD'. Chris Martin had referenced the poem as one of his newer inspirations, during the 'Ghost Stories' era and recited the whole poem in front of an audience at a recent Karma Lecture in New York. We believe this is the clip penned in for the seventh album, read out by Coleman Barks:




    In the exciting interview with Ryan Seacrest, the DJ revealed a note from Chris, showing the track length and the 'uplifting' outlook of most album tracks!



    Summary - Interview With Ryan Seacrest

    The key points we learned from Chris' team with Ryan earlier today (and the handwritten note) were:

    Barack Obama singing 'Amazing Grace' on the new album, while poem, 'The Guest House' is recited on a separate track.

    Sixth track on 'AHFOD', 'Fun' is a duet with Tove Lo

    'Everglow' will be a ballad

    Coldplay had to record demo tracks before the production duo, Stargate would produce their music

    Choir will feature on 'Hymn For The Weekend' and is labelled as "one of the centerpieces" of the album. 


    Video - Interview With Ryan Seacrest


    Multiple Youtube clips, directly from Kiss FM:




    Interview - With Valentine on 104.3 MyFM


    Chris Valentine


    Coldplay Chris Martin MyFM


    Chris Martin walked over to the MyFM studios after his intriguing interview with Ryan Seacrest and met for a long, lighthearted discussion with Valentine and the gang at 104.3 MyFM.


    No additional information on 'AHFOD' was given by the British frontman on this occasion, as he talked over his experience with Beyonce in their recording studios and how great she was to work with.


    Video - Interview With Valentine


    You can watch the full interview of Coldplay's lead singer on 'Valentine in the morning', below:



    Interview (& Video) - On The Woody Show, Alt 98.7 FM


    Chris Martin gets busier by the day as he appeared on The Woody Show, for his third interview of the day! More laughs and general chat:



    Reminder - Tidal Concert Tomorrow!


    Coldplay will play two previously unheard songs at tomorrow's late night Tidal concert, hosted by KROQ. You'll need a Tidal subscription to watch the gig on their website. There may be alternative streaming links on our forums, at the time of the show so be sure to double check our forums.

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