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    Rihanna may feature on 'A Head Full Of Dreams'

    Rihanna may feature on 'A Head Full Of Dreams'

    Other artists are set to feature on Coldplay's next album, A Head Full Of Dreams and if everything goes to plan for Chris Martin, Rihanna will be one of them.


    The Umbrella hitmaker appeared on Coldplay's fifth studio recording, Mylo Xyloto, released in 2011. Princess of China, featuring Rihanna proved to be a chart hit but divided fans (Just a 2.18% share of the vote on a Mylo Xyloto poll).


    Chris Martin had been talking to Fresh 102.7, shortly after the recording of LP7 began and revealed his studio efforts with Rihanna as the two singers were recording one of her songs. When Coldplay's frontman was asked whether they would let another artist collaborate with the band for their next recording, Chris responded with "We will" and "I hope so", when Rihanna was suggested as one of the possible contenders. Chris told the interviewer, "I have a really nice song..." in reference to Rihanna.



    Whether Rihanna has recorded anything with Coldplay since the statement, we do not know but a list of unconfirmed acts (the source is not verified yet) performing at the annual GRAMMYs ceremony next month includes 'Rihanna and Coldplay'


    Coldplay and Rihanna 2015


    Thanks to gai for posting this on the forums


    Seemingly, it's the Coldplay track which Chris was hoping Rihanna would sing on, rather than Rihanna's effort with Chris Martin featuring.


    Lead Guitarist, Jonny Buckland and Bassist, Guy Berryman were unsure of the album's scheduled completion time during a Q&A session last month, with the pair not been too confident of a Glastonbury appearance in late June 2015 as they could still be recording the album then. If the reports of a joint performance are to be believed, it could well be a 'stand-alone release' or an early taster from A Head Full Of Dreams.


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