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    Stargate confirmed as producers of 'A Head Full Of Dreams' (October Update)

    Article originally published on June 1st 2015.


    UPDATE - October 4th 2015: Coldplay's producer, Rik Simpson, who has been working alongside Stargate confirmed the production duo have been heavily involved with producing 'A Head Full Of Dreams'


    Coldplay Stargate




    Norwegian production team, Stargate are confirmed as producers on Coldplay's upcoming seventh album, 'A Head Full Of Dreams'. The news comes after Chris Martin's praise for their "amazing producers" from Norway, via the band's official Facebook/Twitter page. New material could be just around the corner too, with '#aheadfullofdreams' getting another mention from Coldplay's frontman, who has since been hesitant in talking about the new record, since letting the album title slip on BBC Radio 1, in December 2014. The timing of the thanks could also indicate that Coldplay's seventh LP is entering the final stages of production, if not ended its production phase. Coupled with persistent and perhaps, hopeful rumours of new Coldplay material this week, we may see something new from Coldplay sooner than we expect!


    It's worth noting that the production duo, Stargate also produced Coldplay's most recent single release, 'Miracles'. The duo from Stargate, Mikkel Storleer Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen featured as additional musicians on the track, playing the keyboard.




    Another significant hint for the musical direction of 'A Head Full Of Dreams' is the nature of the artists who Stargate have worked with. In their case, they've been on a strict diet of pop, with no guitars in sight, from the boy/girl band's of Blue and Atomic Kitten on the early end of the 00's to Rihanna and Katy Perry in more recent times. It will certainly be a different case with Coldplay and guitarist, Jonny Buckland, with the band having preached their intentions to break 'barriers' within the music industry.


    Going back to Chris Martin's post, he heaps praise on one of his favourite ever band's, A-ha. Their vintage song, 'Hunting High and Low' could be a glimpse of what to expect for Coldplay's new material and funnily enough, the band / Chris have covered the song live in concert, as shown below:


    What do you think of Stargate's involvement? Join in with the clue spotting and discussion, here

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