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    (2nd February - On This Day) Clocks wins award, Chris Martin banned from Coldplay & more

    (2nd February - On This Day) Clocks wins award, Chris Martin banned from Coldplay & more

    February 2nd was a busy day of Coldplay news for many years. Let's take a look and see what happened!


    2013 : Clocks crowned Radio 6 Music's greatest hit


    Read the archived post here, which includes an interview with Coldplay drummer, Will Champion!



    2010 : Chris Martin's Viva jackets raises in the excess of $15,000


    Chris' Viva era jacket was sold at a charity auction, in aid of the Haiti disaster relief, for just under £10,000!


    An eBay auction of pop memorabilia from some of Britain’s biggest acts has raised around £50,000 ($80,000) so far for survivors of the Haiti earthquake, organizers Oxfam said on Monday. Among the top lots sold so far is Chris Martin’s “Viva La Vida” tour jacket, which fetched £9,600, and three pairs of VIP tickets to the Glastonbury festival which raised around £7,000 each


    Coldplay auction viva




    You don't see that every day! Coldplay's frontman revealed his ban, imposed by new producer then, Brian Eno (pre-Viva era) on Absolute Radio 6 years ago. Chris speaks below:


    The letter was to all of us he said that he thought the last album was OK but it could have been much better. He said that he still wanted to work with us on the next album but that I was banned from the studio! He said that it would be better without me for the first two weeks – ‘You can do better without the singer’! He said. It has turned out to be a good idea though because the band’s been free to try out loads of weird things without me getting in the way.


    2006 : Such A Rush?


    The band had just completed a set at San Jose HP Pavillion, during the Twisted Logic tour. It was Chris Martin's first visit to San Jose and he talked about making it special, with a funny reference to the first time he had sex, which of course when he was 22! (If you knew that, like I did, you're into Coldplay a bit too much!)


    like the first time having sex. Only the first time I had sex, it didn’t last 45 minutes with an encore.


    Chris Martin 22?



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