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    (31st January 2000) Coldplay support Muse in Newcastle

    (31st January 2000) Coldplay support Muse in Newcastle & Interview

    Today is a special day. It marks 15 years since Coldplay supported Muse at the Newcastle University Student Union's concert. The new band on the block, Coldplay, had just released their first single, titled Shiver and were recording the official music video for Yellow on a Dorset beach.


    For Coldplaying.com, it was newly formed and created by Ian (Busybeeburns). The archived post you'll be linked to below was the first ever Coldplaying.com article! Nostalgia!!!


    According to setlist.fm, the band played a show on 19th January 2000 at Newcastle University but they performed a different (and shorter) set when supporting Muse on January 31st we believe. There is a distinct lack of online info due to the date. The article states that Coldplay were supporting Muse already and they were prepared for a show at Newcastle University Student's Union.


    The fresh faced bassist, Guy Berryman and drummer, Will Champion were interviewed ahead of the show and you can read about it all within the link to the archive below. We might gasp at the thought now but videos and pics weren't readily available online back then. We have a transcript you can read through instead!


    Archive : 'Live at Newcastle University Student’s Union supporting MUSE + Interview'


    Both bands are enjoying tremendous success still and Coldplay, who were supporting Muse, are arguably the biggest band in the world now, while Muse are not too far behind. Other bands Coldplay supported also included Embrace, who released an album last year but it wasn't commercially celebrated and have almost seen a reverse in fortunes compared to Coldplay.


    The frontmen of Coldplay and Muse, Chris Martin and Matt Bellamy recently met up at the Haiti Gala.


    Coldplay muse


    Coldplay muse


    Coldplay muse


    Coldplay muse


    Coldplay muse


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