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    Updated: New Coldplay song Atlas on 26th August - your reactions to the announcement

    In a little over two weeks we'll have 'new Coldplay', fan-speak for unheard material from our favourite band. Their new song, Atlas will be realeased on 26th August as part of 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' film soundtrack. The film itself will be released in cinemas on 22nd November.


    We have been inundated with reaction and comments on the announcement yesterday. Some of your comments are below (thanks to everyone who has contributed - you can read the whole thread at the Coldplay forum here - 12 pages and counting!).


    We will be announcing a Listening Party depending on the format of the initial release, our first since 12th September 2011 when single Paradise debuted on BBC Radio 1.



    Coldplayer comments on the announcement of new Coldplay song, Atlas:


    The lyrics look interesting, I reckon it might be a quiet song... I bet I'm going to be so wrong and it'll be loud and intense. I don't think it'll be on the same vibe and positivity of Paradise. Just look at the film it's being used for. The Hunger Games isn't the cheeriest of stories, it'll be a song probably combined with the gloominess of Moving To Mars and maybe the optimism of Everything's Not Lost. [thanks squibby92]


    I hope it's not a stand alone song, and that this is indeed the beginning of the LP6 era. Really excited right now! I hope the cover art will be Coldplay's and not just the Hunger Games artwork. They should release the chords for the song as well, and (as we've already got the lyrics), and then the fans could try to figure out how the song will sound based on that information. That would be pretty cool. [thanks hente44]


    Best news I've heard in a while! Hope this is the start of the lp6 era, but why does august 26th have to be so far away! I wonder if this is the new song Gwyneth Paltrow said was one of her fav tracks a while back? [thanks FJK_12]


    Awesome news! Hope this is like the "Christmas Lights" of the LP6 era, with an official single from the album only a couple months away. I feel like it's going to be a Sleeping Sun type of song. [thanks golfing7861]


    I love the title meaning but I don't like the sound of the word itself, yes I'm strange. Maybe because in Italy we have a different pronunciation so it sounds weird to me, yeah must be that. [thanks Jonny and the cake]


    The title is a 9/10 for me, the lyrics are an 8.5/10, so I'm hoping the song will be something I listen to for a long time, even without the connection to the movie. If it becomes a hit they could perform this at the Oscars like Adele performed for "Skyfall" last year. [thanks laxwatcher]


    I NEED AIR!!!!!!!! [thanks macky]


    If this song is even half decent it has a strong chance of reaching number one. Think about it... 1) the promotion of a huge blockbuster to bring in non/casual fans who would not usualy listen to Coldplay...

    2) the entire Coldplay fan base buying the stand alone single as it is a non album track and the majority won't be buying the complete soundtrack... 3) first new Coldplay song in a few years already will gain hype... 4) the video will gain the attention of both Hunger Games fans and Coldplay fans pushing the viewing numbers sky high and adding sales. Go to youtube and look at the views on coldplay songs and look at the views on hunger games trailers... now combine them. Not to mention it will come out before the grammy deadline as well which means if it is a hit we can expect to see them play it on the show next year. Of course if the song is a stinker none of this will matter but if it is a solid song I think it has the potential to go VERY far... [thanks oldmuckers]


    I came out of the shadows just for this. My lord you can't believe how long it seems like we've been waiting for this! [thanks DrewStern]


    I think it might be quite like Moving To Mars, a slow starter with an epic ending - I think it'll be epic/dramatic in some way to fit with the whole theme of the film. Only time will tell. [thanks randorolian]


    Typical post-Viva Coldplay lyrics at first sight, I think the "oh" will be a classic "oooh-oooooh-oooooh" again, if you know what I mean. Of course, it's the song that matters, and I'm curious, if not a little excited to hear it. I enjoyed the first Hunger Games film by the way, so that will be another good reason to go an see it this fall. There's never been a hiatus by the way, they've always been recording and LP6 should not be too far away. [thanks Tryptophan]


    Never forget the little secret message. For this news: A rather lovely atlas doodle from CM. [thanks the_escapist]


    Absolutely brilliant news! I'm over the moon by it! Perhaps LP6 is closer than we first thought - we'll have to wait and see on that front. I'm singing the beautiful lyrics in my head trying to figure out how it'll sound (have a feeling it'll be similar to UATW); I'm sure it'll be amazing though! [thanks ColdplaySheffield]


    I could picture dark piano ballad that slowly gets more powerful and gains more tension. Wouldn't that make sense? Especially when he sings, "We're about to explode." Then again, there is a good chance that it will be a big sound. But does the chorus sound like one that could be echoed and chanted. "Carry your world, I'll carry your world." Sounds like something sang softly. Idk, maybe I just want a dark ballad from Coldplay. Been too long since Amsterdam. [thanks Kingzilla]


    SO excited by this news, I have goosebumps! And if the song is good - really good (and I think we can expect that) it might just be nominated for a Best Song Academy Award... Coldplay at the Oscars. We can dream, right? [thanks JillyBlue]


    My guesses: I think that Atlas will be a blend of Don't Panic and Major Minus, but maybe slower and in two parts like Up With the Birds. Or something similar to that. [thanks The Envoy]


    Great news! I, like many, am hoping for this to start the LP6 era, or at least be a new take on the MX sound, even though the lyrics look very MX. I heard the original Hunger games soundtrack and I really liked it (had a real Americana sound actually, which could be an interesting route for Coldplay). Don't know who's in charge of this one, but the last one was T Bone Burnett whose a really good producer, so if he's involved we may be in for a treat. Another thing, only one or two of the songs from the soundtrack made it into the first Hunger Games, and they were over the credits, so for those who don't think they'll like the movie I wouldn't worry about it since the soundtrack will probably be a standalone thing (ie. "Music Inspired by the Motion Picture"). I know people were looking forward to Abraham's Daughter which got a release before the film came out and it was only in the end credits of the movie. I'm sure the Taylor Swift song had major marketing and I don't remember that being in the movie at all (maybe also post credits I don't know). I seem to recall the music in the movie was orchestrated, but anyone whose a fan correct me if I'm wrong. [thanks Cheese Nip 2]


    To be honest, the length of the lyrics make it seem like this song ma be pretty short, unless there's a lot of breaks in between and really long notes. And I have to agree that it seems like it will be a quieter song than what was on MX. Hopefully this means that Coldplay will be announcing more information on their LP6, and maybe if this song is good enough, then they will include it on the album, if it flows with the rest of the songs that they've recorded. [thanks CdColdplay]


    CANNOT WAIT!!!! Got the news through Twitter an hour ago. I find the lyrics to be pretty good (I especially like the "carry your world, I'll carry your wold" part). I have a good feeling about it! Really looking forward to hearing how it sounds. Awesome that it'll be released so soon!!! 17 days!! edit: I love how excited and enthusiastic everyone gets when hearing about a release. [thanks Coeurli]


    BEST NEWS OF THE DAY! I can't wait to hear this! The first soundtrack was solid, but now, this ups the ante. Oh and those lyrics are really, really good! [thanks kalex1138]


    OMG this is like the best late Birthday present ever (Aug 17 ) Can't wait to hear it!! I have a feeling its going to be a pacey track something a bit different from what they have done maybe sort of like ETIAW but like a darker theme and sound. Neutron Star Collision by Muse was quite good but the official video gives me nightmares of sparkling vampires and that pathetic werewolf, I just hope it does not have a video for Atlas or its a normal one. [thanks 42rock89]


    This is fantastic! But I think since the song is the first track on the soundtrack, it will be neither to slow or to fast. I think it will gradually build up. I think it will be a Cross between Moving To Mars/Up With Birds/Everything's Not Lost/Politik. [thanks HurtsLikeHeaven42]


    I am actually so excited. I've been waiting all year for the new hunger games and some new Coldplay stuff, so this together has really made me happy! In my opinion Coldplay don't really repeat themselves but if we were to compare then I'm expecting this to be most similar to the AROBTTH stuff. [thanks Mollyxyloto]


    I think the song will be at least 4minutes long, and not a slow song. More like Life In Technicolor 2, but not in the same style. [thanks Nature]


    I hope it will be like Everything's Not Lost or Amsterdam (both my all-time favourites), though I have a feeling it might be a peaceful song like U.F.O. It has to be catching if it's the main song for the movie so therefore might be more powerful. [thanks JonnyGuitarGenius]


    If you take a look at the handwritten lyrics by Chris, you'll find a symbol to the song. A man carrying the world on his hands. This is what Atlas means in Greek mythology. It makes sense to what Chris has written; "Carry your world, I'll carry your world." [thanks Xylo Myloto]


    Looking at the lyrics, it seems that Atlas belongs much to the MX era. Slayed dragon, searching for gold... Seems like that adventuruos MX theme. Maybe the album's leftover? If so, it could be different from the main LP6 theme. Or not We'll have to wait and see. [thanks lafinion]


    Fuck this, I want Car Kids. [thanks Twisted__Logic]


    Atlas lyrics:


    Some saw the sun

    Some saw the smoke

    Some heard the gun

    Some bent the bow

    Sometimes the wire must tense for the note

    Caught in the fire say oh

    We're about to explode

    Carry your world, I'll carry your world

    Some far away

    Some search for gold

    Some dragon to slay

    Heaven we hope is just up the road

    Show me the way, Lord because I

    I'm about to explode

    Carry your world

    I'll carry your world

    Carry your world and all your hurt




    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - official trailer:


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