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    Betty Confidential sources: Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Chris Martin to Leave Coldplay!

    chrisgwyneth.jpgGwyneth Paltrow has been branded the Yoko Oko of Coldplay — because she’s trying to convince her husband Chris Martin to leave the band and go solo, writes ShowbizSpy and Betty Confidential online tonight.


    The actress apparently feels her hubby will do better on his own. "Gwyneth has outright told Chris that he should consider going solo," a source told Betty Confidential. "She is busy doing all of her projects and she wants him to diversify as well. She doesn’t have a problem with Coldplay, but she wants Chris to think about trying a solo album just to see if he likes it. “When Gwyneth mentioned it, Chris was furious. He loves the band and he has no desire to change things right now. Chris basically ignored her and walked away.”


    In 2004, Paltrow said, "People ask if I will sing with the band or do a duet, but always in front of my mind is the Yoko effect. I don’t want to be known as the girl who split up Coldplay."


    More discussion on this breaking article at the Coldplay forum here here onwards.

    You may remember back in June when Chris Martin ruled out launching a solo career. He insisted that he is committed to remaining in Coldplay and would only release a solo record under exceptional circumstances. "It would probably mean I've been dumped by my wife and I desperately need the money," he told The Sun. "Hell would not only have to freeze over but be skated over and completely closed up. The Pope would have to declare it didn't even exist. I cannot think of anything worse."


    Martin confirmed that he has already started working on the group's fifth studio album, but has found time to enjoy himself too. "The main thing I do on tour is write, then go watch The Wire," he said. "Maybe it's because I'm about to turn 33, but I just feel hungry to write all the time. I think the next album will be quite stripped down and based upon a story idea."


    Coldplay were recently reported to be experimenting with a jazz and rave sound for their next record. Meanwhile, Lionel Richie says Coldplay are the act he would most like to collaborate with. The 'Dancing on the Ceiling' hitmaker says he is a massive fan of Chris Martin's band and they are top of his collaboration wish-list. He said: "I love Coldplay. Those are the guys I would most like to do something with."






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