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    Can't Afford Coldplay in Toronto? Try 'Pilot Speed' Instead

    pilotspeed.jpgColdplay is generously offering 500-level seats to their July 30 gig at the cavernous Rogers Centre for $39.50, a bargain compared to the $79.50 and $99.50 demanded for an actual view of the stage or the whopping $5,200 someone's asking for a killer spot on the floor at TicketsNow.com, reports the Toronto Star.


    Still, you could duplicate the 500-level experience by placing a ghetto blaster in your neighbour's yard and playing A Rush of Blood to the Head at highly distorted top volume. A cheaper option is the new Pilot Speed album, Wooden Bones, which arrives in stores tomorrow and likely won't cost you much more than $12 or $13 at reputable record stores.


    The band's long been half-maligned for being Toronto's own budding Coldplay, but the new disc places Pilot Speed (formerly Pilate) in the "much improved" category and might charm you to shell out a further $10 or $15 by the time they return to play a still-unconfirmed local date in June. And you'll still be ahead on that cheap Coldplay ticket.


    Missed Coldplay on Rove? Watch the 7 minute Australian interview at the Coldplay forum here [thanks anniea89 & vanessa]

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