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    Chris Martin Gets Cold Treatment in Beverly Hills

    chrisalig1.jpgEven though the band Coldplay is very well known, their lead singer Chris Martin does not seem to be so.


    Martin had gone to the Thompson Beverly Hills hotel on July 12 to meet some friends on the rooftop, but was not allowed in, as his name was not on the list. A guard stationed at the elevator did not recognize the singer and as his name had not been included on the list at the elevator that takes patrons to the roof, he was not allowed to go through.


    “A goon at the elevator wouldn”t let him up,” E!online quoted a source as saying. “Everyone’s like, ”This is the lead singer of Coldplay.” The goon wasn”t rude, but he just asked him if he was on the list,” the source added. It was only after the guard had confirmed with the people upstairs, that Martin, who had been patiently waiting all the while, was let through.


    More on this story here [thanks mimixxx]

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