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    Chris Martin's such a diva he had a VIP area at Band Aid

    JUSTIN HAWKINS has taken a swipe at CHRIS MARTIN – branding him a diva.

    THE DARKNESS frontman was unhappy with the COLDPLAY singer’s behaviour during the recording of the BAND AID 20 single last year.


    And flamboyant Justin has vented his anger by doing a cheeky impression of Chris in the video for the band’s new single One Way Ticket, which is out today.


    Justin said: “During Band Aid Chris swanned in, stayed for about 20 minutes — and had his own VIP area. We were there for two days and worked our behinds off. “He obviously didn’t care. I got the sense he was just doing it to raise his profile.”

    Looking relaxed with his feet up at Bizarre’s London HQ, Justin also had a dig at Chris’s support for the Make Trade Fair campaign. He joked: “This ‘make fairs safe’ stuff he does gets on my nerves. It’s all a bit cheap.”


    Justin came to see me after spending several months in Los Angeles recording new album One Way Ticket To Hell And Back. And he also had fighting words for critics of The Darkness. He said: “With Permission To Land, some reckoned we were just a novelty band. But we’ve sold three million albums worldwide and the fact we’re still around proves we’re not.”


    The band have had their ups and downs, though, with bass player FRANKIE POULLAIN getting the sack in May. He was replaced by RICHIE EDWARDS, who joined Justin, his guitarist brother DAN and drummer ED GRAHAM.


    It is noticeable that Justin, who has suffered from bulimia, has put on a few pounds. He admitted: “At the moment the catsuits wouldn’t be flattering on me. I’ve gone a bit pub rock.”


    The album — out later this month — was produced by QUEEN’s legendary Bohemian Rhapsody producer ROY THOMAS BAKER. As a result it sounds enormous, with orchestras and synths.


    Justin — who lives with Darkness manager SUE WHITEHOUSE — said: “Yes, it sounds a bit like Queen. But there are worse bands to be compared to. “Our hardcore fans will love it — but those who hate us will hate us even more. We’ve tried to fit in more knob jokes and be more like The Darkness than we were before. We haven’t just written songs that are a reaction to the last record. We are a glamorous rock band that talks about everyday stuff.”



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