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    [Coldplay Bluecasting] Digital Signage Advertising Comes To India

    BANGALORE: Digital technology is today enabling advertisers to provide personalized and situation- relevant ads and information to consumers.


    Take the recent campaign at the London Tube station where a dynamic digital display ad of the band Coldplay also allowed for what is called “Bluecasting.” In this, an individual with a Bluetooth enabled PDA or smart device, standing close to the display got a chance to download a sample song on his mobile.


    Retailers, fast food restaurants, post offices and train and airport stations in the West are turning to digital signages to woo consumers. And now this technology has entered India.

    UK based Dynamax Technologies, a provider of digital signage and point of purchase in Europe, has tied with an Indian partner Morphosis, to bring its technology to the country. The company provides digital signage software solutions that can schedule and broadcast a client’s dynamic content to a chosen audience, allowing multiple combinations of what can be delivered, where and to whom. “This is intelligent advertising that has proven success. In terms of footfalls in the retail environment, it has translated into a 15-40 per cent increase,” said Tim Harvey, consultant and product manager, Dynamax Technologies.


    Dynamax’s software termed “PointOfView” is offered along with an enterprise server that allows a user to manage content, scheduling and distribution across a digital signage network of 10 to 100,000+ screens from a single central location. The company, which has been in existence for the last seven years, clocked revenues of £2 million last year. “This technology did not exist seven years ago. Our software can be used in other areas such as schools and colleges and even call centers where statistics on call-responses and other data can be screened on LCD displays,” said Harvey.


    PointOfView allows the user the flexibility to upload content of his choice to specific areas and could be changed according to the situation. For example, during rains, a retail store could run ads on comfort food like soups.


    SP Rao, director, Morposis said that the Indian railways had shown interest in the technology and hopes to display the PNR status at stations. The company is also targeting the huge retail market in India.


    Source: http://www.ciol.com

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