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    Coldplay Christmas Crackers

    Coldplay Christmas Crackers

    Merry Christmas Coldplayers! There are just under 3 days to go until the Christmas Lights will shine their brightest. We have three Christmas crackers we would like to share with you. They each contain a Coldplay treat you can enjoy over Christmas, not a cringy joke in sight! After all, Santa's favourite singer is not Elf-is Presley, it's a certain Mr. Martin!


    Christmas Cracker #1


    Here's our first Coldplaying Christmas cracker, ready to pull, just grab the other end and....


    Coldplaying Christmas Crackers


    Here's a fan made compliation gift from Dexynboy on the forums!


    01. Christmas Lights

    02. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

    03. 2000 Miles (Cover)

    04. Last Christmas (Cover)

    05. White Christmas (Cover)

    06. Christmas Lights (Demo)


    Click here for download link on our multimedia forums


    Watch the video of Last Christmas below, from the band's 2007 Christmas Message, including the superb Jonny Buckland providing the outro!



    Christmas Cracker #2


    The next cracker contains something sweet indeed. No turkeys here!


    Coldplaying Christmas Crackers


    Mince Spies!


    The Mince Spies CD was a limited edition release for the Coldplay fan club members (the official fan club no longer exists)


    "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" – 2:22

    "Yellow" (The Alpha Remix) – 5:14


    Check out the fantastic remade artwork by rrpjdisc on the forums :


    Mince Spies remake


    Christmas Cracker #3


    The final Coldplay Christmas treat involves Kids Company and colourful Xylobands! So for one last time...


    Coldplaying Christmas Crackers


    It's none other than Under 1 Roof. Watch the stunning and beautiful performance of Coldplay's iconic Christmas song, Christmas Lights below.



    Feel free to join us on the forums for our annual Christmas gathering in the Coldplayer lounge.


    May all your Christmas wishes comes true!

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