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    Coldplay Claim The Screens Used On Their Tour 'Make Them Look Fat'

    vivascreen.jpgColdplay think the screens used during their arena tour make them look fat.


    The band - who are currently on a world tour to promote new album Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends' - claim the videotrons make them look like they have "love handles" and are worried their fans will think they have piled on the pounds. Frontman Chris Martin said: "We've turned from a Mars Bar into a King-sized Mars Bar. There's a little bit of fat on me. I could see on the screen. It adds love handles."


    The group are due to perform at London's O2 arena in December, but despite the band's recent success - their album received rave reviews and went to number one in the U.K. charts - Chris doesn't think their show compares to previous residents of The O2.

    He told Britain's Absolute Radio: "Prince sold out 21 nights. I don't think we could. You can't do that unless you've got impeccable facial hair. With my facial hair we could probably sell out five nights."


    The singer also revealed the group are making every effort to shed their grumpy image, saying: "A concert is not so much about us - it's about our fans. It's about their day. They've come here from work or come here from school or whatever and it's our job to make everyone have fun."


    Watch the first part of Absolute Radio's video backstage with Coldplay here [thanks mimixxx]


    A reminder that you can listen to the Absolute Radio webstream ahead of Wednesday's Airing of the Munich concert via the Coldplaying toolbar - which you can download here. If you have any problems with the toolbar please log them here as soon as possible.

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