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    Coldplay Multimedia Top 10 - August

    Coldplay multimedia


    The multimedia section on our forums, the well known goldmine for Coldplay fans, was given a boost by the multimedia month we hosted during August, which is part of our monthly contributor contest, where prizes can be won such as Member of the month, deluxe editions of 'Ghost Stories' and sets of 'Ghost Stories' buttons. Everyone wins infact as we have seen a barrage of new Coldplay uploads since the start of August and now Coldplaying.com presents to you, the top 10 Coldplay multimedia posted on the Coldplaying community for the month of August...


    10 : 'Swallowed In The Sea' (Piano acoustic)


    This mellow piano version of the popular ballad from 'X&Y' has proven to be very popular among Coldplayers, alongside the regular acoustic version




    Download link


    9 : Always In My Head (Visual video)


    Remember the first time you heard the opening studio track of 'Ghost Stories' in full? Whether it was spinning the album for the first time or listening to the song premiere on the Zane Lowe show back on 12th May, it was a special moment for many fans. A great visual can do wonders for a song and bring back a feeling similar to the first play of the tune. A big thanks to Dexynboy for these beautiful visuals.



    8 : Coldplero's Hurts Like Heaven EP


    A mix of seven 'Hurts Like Heaven' versions including two fan made mixes with extra Xylobyrtes, an acoustic version which was original performed on BBC Radio 1 and various live versions of the energetic pace setter on 'Mylo Xyloto'


    Coldplay multimedia - Hurts Like Heaven


    Download link


    7 : Dexynboy's Viva La Vida EP


    The ultimate anthem of them all. this fan compiled 'Viva La Vida' EP contains stunning live versions of the benchmark tune from Coldplay's fourth album, along with fan mixes and a orchestral wonder!


    Coldplay multimedia - Viva La Vida


    Download link


    6 : Chris Martin interview on VH1's Top 20 show


    A fantastic Chris Martin interview from August, looking back at his rapping skills from 2003 and nominating Paradise as his favourite Coldplay video. He told us what his Dad told him, with inspiration from the Paradise video, “You’ll have to ride a unicycle when the music goes wrong”!



    Download link


    5 : Coldplay Live Covers


    Coldplayer, gerben compiled a fantastic playlist of Coldplay's live covers, all in one album! Self explanatory, a must to download and view the track listing below to see which show each cover originated from!


    01 Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Glastonbury, England, 25 June 2005)

    02 Lips Like Sugar (L'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, Paris, France, 27 August 2002)

    03 Billie Jean (Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland, 16 September 2009)

    04 I'm A Believer (Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA, USA, 24 May 2009)

    05 High And Low (Kultkomplex Cafe, Cologne, Germany, 10 July 2002)

    06 Gnossienne No. 1 (PalaMalaguti, Casalecchio di Reno, Italy, 29 September 2008)

    07 (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay (Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, USA, 6 September 2002)

    08 Lost Highway (Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 7 August 2001)

    09 You Only Live Twice (BBC Studios, London, England, 24 July 2000)

    10 Perfect Day (Isle Of Wight, England, 11 June 2006)

    11 What A Wonderful World (Goffertpark, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 1 July 2003)


    Coldplay multimedia - Live covers


    Download link


    4 : 'Politik' (Give Me Love Over This)


    'Politik' is an awesome song, i'm sure we can all agree on that and many consider it to be their favourite Coldplay track! An emotional sounding Chris belting out "Give Me Love Over This" is one of the highlights of the whole legendary album, 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' and i'm sure you have re-winded back to this part of the song many times!! You no longer have to and can savoir the moment truly, thanks to some neat editing work from Coldplayer_101




    Download link


    3 : Coldplay live at the 50th Max Sessions


    Coldplay originally performed a wonderful show for the hundreds of delighted Coldplay fans in Sydney, Australia, on June 18th. The footage wasn't released until mid-August but the wait was justified with a string of sensational performances by the band within the very intimate venue for the band's returns to the Max Sessions after playing at the very first Max Sessions in 2001!




    Download link


    2 : Coldplay Unplugged


    Two very outstanding Coldplay compilations. Featuring acoustics from the whole band and Chris with live appearances from the band's humble beginnings to Chris in New York City! Highlights include Warning Sign, Lovers In Japan, In My Place, Trouble and Speed Of Sound. A very calming acoustic album that deserves to be in your music library.


    Coldplay Unplugged and Coldplay Unplugged : Revised.


    Coldplay Unplugged


    Coldplay Unplugged Revised


    Download link


    1 : Chris Martin on Sirius XM Radio - Live performance and interview


    The top spot on the list goes to the special Chris Martin live appearance on Sirius XM satellite radio. The interview revealed a bunch useful information regarding their reasons for a smaller tour during the 'Ghost Stories' era and their next album. It fueled much speculation about Coldplay's future output and touring. Here's a few excerpts from the original article.


    - On the subject of no world tour for Ghost Stories : “I didn’t feel like I could jump around the stadium and sing them so then some other songs started to come through towards the end of it which felt like they wanted to become a bit bigger so we gotta kind of record them, it just felt like the right thing to do, I can’t explain it”.


    - The most alive feeling for Chris Martin apart from having children is to have fans sing-along at concerts. “Infact we are trying to do a thing on our next tour where by we are trying to think of ways of connecting people while they are coming to the concert because as we all show up to these places and hang out with thousands of other people with exactly the same taste but we all disperse and never talk again so I love it when everyone comes together as one thing as its so poetic and makes me have faith in humanity”.


    Coldplay at Sirius XM

    (thanks to Coldplay12 for the cover)


    You can watch the videos for 'O' and 'A Sky Full Of Stars' here and listen to the audio of the full show by clicking the download link below.


    Download link


    Hope you enjoyed it. With at least two Coldplay shows upcoming on the 17th and 19th this month at LA and Las Vegas, we are set for another great month of Coldplay action!


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