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    The Coldplaying Awards 2014 - The winners!

    The Coldplaying Awards 2014 - The Winners!The end of the year is nigh and what a fantastic year it has been for Coldplaying.com. We've seen the release of Coldplay's sixth album, Ghost Stories, survived the uncertain period over Coldplaying's future, have experienced some fantastic live shows and have welcomed many new Coldplayers to our community. The Coldplaying Awards is a time for celebration and giving back to our fans who share the great enthusiasm for our favourite band! Where else would you also find an awards ceremony involving the likes of both U2 and Batman (Well, in the past 17 years anyway!) Batman, for fans who are not familiar with our forums yet (shameless 'download Tapatalk for your phone and receive constant Coldplay updates' plug), is one of our global moderators (since July) and she (yes, she!) has swept home in style at the Coldplaying Awards this year, claiming 10, Yes, ONE-ZERO awards. Christa42, our very friendly mod, scooped 3 awards on the wonderful evening. Sparky, Grids, Jonny and the cake, in addition to U2 and Ed Sheeran in the World of Music category, were all winners of 2 gongs! The complete list of winners can be found at the bottom of this article, just below the winners of each category.Now, before the list of awards, if you were not present at the awards ceremony on the forums during Sunday just gone, let's shine the Coldplaying spotlight (which you can get involved with. Stay tuned for details in the future!) on an important part of our community, the fans and update pages on Twitter and Facebook!

    Spotlight : @Coeurli and Oscar Villasenor

    Coeurli is part of the Coldplaying moderating team on the forums and on Twitter, in addition to being active on her own account @Coeurli too! She was voted as Tweeter of the year by you, undoubtedly for her enthusiasm, positive and general Coldplay fandom on Twitter! Thanks for everything that you do for Coldplaying Coeurli!Oscar Villasenor is a name you'll probably see a lot if you keep up to date with us on Facebook, as he interacts regularly with our latest status updates, starts discussions and is dedicated to the Coldplay cause! Big thanks Oscar, from all of the Coldplaying team!

    Spotlight : The Atlas Project (@Coldplayatlas)

    Coldplayers who use Twitter will of followed the page's updates since it's launch, over a year ago. The page, run by founder Ian and his team, provide speedy updates on the latest Coldplay news and as a main feature, The Atlas Project posts video of your reaction to the latest Coldplay songs, the moment they are released. Their latest effort, for Miracles is sublime and has even received acclaim from Coldplay's fifth member, Phil Harvey!

    Miracles Project from Atlas Project on Vimeo.

    Visit their Vimeo channel for the complete collection of their videos

    Spotlight: Chris Martin For Freedom of Exeter Award page & Andy Introduces Coldplay

    The Chris Martin campaign is something you may be familiar with if you are a regular reader of Coldplaying.com. It started back in July, where the determined Coldplayer, Mike Vinnicombe, founded the campaign aiming to give Chris Martin the freedom of his hometown, Exeter, in the South West of England. The dream looks certain to come true one day (hopefully soon) and until then, Mike brings you a mixture of Coldplay photos and the latest news updates on Facebook. A truly brilliant page!Check out our feature article which includes an exclusive interview with the page founder, Mike.Andy Introduces Coldplay is a very keen supporter of Coldplaying on Facebook and their regular sharing of our updates does not go unnoticed! Andy's page is focused on photos of Coldplay, including video clips of live performances. He updates his page very frequently and is a recommended page to follow on Facebook!

    The Awards List 2014!

    Here we go.....The complete list of winners at this year's Coldplaying Awards. Thanks for your votes and we have that feeling that 2015 will be an even better year!

    Coldplayers Awards:

    Mr Coldplaying 2014: SparkyMrs Coldplaying 2014: BatmanBiggest Chris fan 2014: JeremyyBiggest Jonny Fan 2014: Jonny & the cakeBiggest Will fan 2014: SafyBiggest Guy fan 2014: Nina8Biggest Phil fan 2014: Christa42Biggest Coldplay fan 2014: gai'Bakery' Award: Best Coldplay fan moment of 2014: Grids & squibby92Best thread of 2014 - Coldplay section: Mackplay- Is Ghost Stories about Nutella?

    Ambassador Awards:

    Northern & Western Europe Ambassador 2014: BatmanEastern & Southern Europe Ambassador 2014: Jonny & the cakeAsian Ambassador 2014: GridsNorth American Ambassador 2014: Christa42Mexican & Central American Ambassador 2014: DiOli05South American Ambassador 2014: fcamAfrican Ambassador 2014: iccpOceania Ambassador 2014: Cobalt


    Most interesting poster 2014: BatmanFriendliest user 2014: Christa42Funniest poster 2014: BatmanBiggest spammer 2014: BatmanSexiest user 2014: BatmanBiggest Coldplaying perv 2014: BatmanBest thread of 2014 - General Discussion Area section: The Coldplaying PubBest newcomer to Coldplaying.com 2014: GreengooseBest staff member 2014: Sparky & BatmanMost likely to scare Coldplay and Marc (Sparky) into an early retirement 2014: BatmanMissing in action 2014: Tash


    Best signature 2014: Christa42Best avatar 2014: BatmanBiggest smiley user 2014: Linus

    World Of Music/entertainment:

    Excludes ColdplayBest album of 2014: X – Ed Sheeran & Songs Of Innocence – U2Best songs of 2014 (multiple winners): Enter Shikari - The Last Garrison, Don't – Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran, Elbow - My Sad Captains, Photograph -Ed Sheeran, Heartbeat - Mat KearneyBest artist/group 2014: U2 & Ed SheeranBest artist/group newcomer 2014 (multiple winners): Sam Smith, James Bay, HozierBest live act 2014: KasabianBest movie 2014: Boyhood

    Social Awards

    Excludes Coldplaying Tweeter of the year 2014: Coeurli (@Coeurli)Facebooker of the year 2014: Oscar VillasenorTwitter page of the year 2014: Atlas Project (@ColdplayAtlas)Facebook group of the year 2014: Andy Introduces Coldplay & Chris Martin For Freedom of Exeter Award

    Award Winner List

    (Forum Awards)Batman - 10 AwardsChrista42 - 3 AwardsSparky - 2 AwardsGrids - 2 AwardsJonny & the cake - 2 AwardsJeremyy - 1 AwardSafy - 1 Awardgai - 1 Awardsquibby92 - 1 AwardMackplay - 1 AwardNina8 - 1 AwardDiOli05 - 1 Awardfcam - 1 Awardiccp - 1 AwardCobalt - 1 AwardGreengoose -1 AwardTash - 1 AwardLinus - 1 Award(Social Awards)@Coldplayatlas - 1 Award@Coeurli - 1 AwardOscar Villasenor - 1 AwardChris Martin For Freedom of Exeter Award - 1 AwardAndy Introduces Coldplay - 1 Award(World of Music - excluding best songs list)U2 - 2 AwardsEd Sheeran - 2 AwardsKasabian - 1 AwardSam Smith - 1 AwardJames Bay - 1 AwardHozier - 1 Award

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