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    Fan reviews from the Beacon Theater, New York gig (5th May) & Coldplay on the Jimmy Fallon show (Video)

    As reported previously, Coldplay completed a brilliant setlist for amazed fans in New York on Monday which included True Love which was hidden from public listening! Now see how other Coldplayers experienced the spectacular show on Monday.


    The reviews come from the delighted bdevil89 on the Coldplaying forums and Christa42 + Texasluvsjonny, who are part of the great moderating team here at Coldplaying and who were our representatives that night!

    by bdevil89


    Wow - the 9p show was ridiculously good! I guess the extra time and run through in the matinee helped them to work out the kinks. I waited till last minute for prices to drop and got a 2nd row center seat through stub hub for a decent price - to see Coldplay in a venue like this was as mastercard would put it - priceless. 1 negative thing about sitting up close, is most of the people there are not diehards but kind of music industry types or really rich people who like to drink at shows. the 1st row had some really annoying people that kept trying to get Chris' attention but not in a good way. Overall, being that close, was amazing, Chris was on fire as well as the rest of the band.


    I was lucky enough to be at the AOL music concert for the X&Y promo tour - and it is amazing to see their evolution/progression after 9 yrs - they rocked the house. Plus, Til Kingdom Come is just magical (X&Y is underrated despite Chris' own feelings on the album) - Really wish they would play Swallowed in the Sea again - that is a classic Coldplay song along the lines of this relatively solemn introspective album.


    Life is for Living is... what I can say, what one of the best debut secret tracks in a long while - beautiful all around - that piano line, and the grand finale with all 4 getting involved is just vintage.


    Also, I'll be honest - wasn't a total fan of Another's Arms - at least from the radio broadcasts/itunes festival - but I think live it's really good, and they really tweaked the song enough to make it work. Another outstanding track with a brilliant Jonny solo.


    Oceans - sublime, ethereal - that drum pad effect is perfect for that song with Chris' simple guitar rhythm, and then Jonny with that heavy synth effect - both guy and jonny really showing their versatility this tour - they're everywhere, playing everything.


    I like the segue from Oceans into ASFOS - this time - there was a definite interlude a la Mylo Xyloto-esque into ASFOS - again, Sky is just phenomenal live - J, Guy, and Will are just shredding away on the song when the drop comes in. It will really sell this album well, and hopefully get more people to see the other aspects of Coldplay that make them such a talented and versatile band. Quick ? - who came up with piano riff, was it Avicci or Chris - or does Avicci just play the piano part - it's a bit confusing, bc Zane Lowe makes it out to be Chris who came up with piano part, but it looks more like Chris came up with song's vocal melody and of course lyrics. Anyway, brilliant song.


    Finally - True Love sounded pretty good with initial opening, and the visuals they've added to the screen is really cool (same for Another's Arms) - but for some reason Jonny's solo sounded off, like he wasn't playing it right - I dont' know if it was just my location or what - but up until that part, it was a decent song (I don't know if it's their best song from the album as Chris had mentioned (perhaps a bit of hyperbole), but sounds like another classic Coldplay track.


    All in all, cannot wait for that tv special, to get the full album experience as they wanted to people to experience but unfortunately was too expensive to take around the world. Regardless, In Coldplay I Trust - so fortunate to have a band like this out there (them, the Killers, and Keane for me) - 3 great bands that came around relatively the same time.



    So I picked up Angie right after the 5 pm show and we went to get some chow. We walked back and every time I go into The Beacon Theater I fall in love. It is so intimate, beautiful and old school. There is actually a round beautiful ticket booth in the front. There are 5 bars in the entry way, 5! We talked to a few coldplayers and it was all good. Angie got a tix in the front center aisle directly in front of Jonny. I was left of her a few rows back on the aisle which was the side entrance for all the VIP's headed to the back. Saw a few local NY celebs, newscasters and there was a ton of industry peeps. Phil came out that entrance and ran a up the aisle to more than once working his magic It was a little weird b/c it was a lot of the who's who and it was seated. a little stuffy for my taste but I am a native NY'er and we all come in all shapes and sizes and everyone loves Coldplay. When the roadies came out and all the hob nobs thought it was the band and started cheering thinking it was the band, ahem............So I people watched for a while. I know this is a pre-album tour and people paid a lot of money to see them play but I wonder if half the people would be there if they were queuing for 8 hours in the cold. I did realize I was very lucky to be there.


    The set is so simple and gorgeous. To me it represents what I as a fan have been waiting to hear again from Coldplay: classic, clean, simple, pure. The stars represent so much from the beginning. I am glad they are back.


    Always in My head started and it's even more hypnotic live. It takes you to a place where It's just you and the band and they are singing to you and only you& you do not want it to end.


    Charlie Brown comes on and its ever so amazing. I was by myself and I am dancing my ass off. I had a lot of room because i was on the aisle seat and security is laughing and giving me the thumbs up because no one else around me is dancing. PPl were clapping but i was truly having the best time.


    Paradise comes on and everyone goes wild. I took some pics. Magic is next and i start filming away, so beautiful. I realized one of the reasons I love this new album so much because Chris actually sits still and I can attempt to film and take pics of him!


    Magic is glorious, Guy has the Bass with Sass and Chris's Vocals are smooth and delicious. the beat keeps you hypnotized... "Yes I do" and "of Course I do" is going to be the next "Honey Honey"


    God Put A Smile comes on and it's the version I prefer myself. I feel like it's down and dirty, the way it is supposed to be played. I kind of had a feeling something different would come on next and holy crap, Till Kingdom Come is on and I am screaming my ass off. The newbs look round and they are like what song is this??


    Midnight is so amazing live. I love the song but when you see it, feel it, hear it live it blows you away.


    going to skip a few songs and then Oceans, Holy effing crap I don't even know what to say. I took a vid and I was literally shaking it is so beautiful. You feel like you have entered something so personal and intimate and you are actually lucky enough to hear this beautiful song and you are afraid it's going to go away and never come back. You cherish this moment. Jonny is stellar. It was stunning


    A Sky full of Stars, my personal dark horse, is incredible!!!!!! It is going to be huge and not just huge cause the younger set and newbs and EDM ppl like it. It is going to be huge because everyone is going to love it. Your Mom, your babysitter, your cool cousin, your friend who works on Wall Street,your kids, Your snobby music friend. And you are going to dance! Dance like no one is watching dance. People were going nuts in the aisle and security had more to deal with than just little old me. It was insane in my section.


    Well I thought I was happy enough and then my Spidey senses heard the first chords of the songs we have hidden in the back of our hearts hoping to be played again section of our brains and souls. Life is for Living!!!!! I start screaming and I hear all the other old timers up on the balcony freaking and we hear one of the most beloved Coldplay songs ever. Jonny is killing it with the riffs. And then I start having a tear or come out or two and I feel so blessed. You are probably going to kill me and this is the GD truth, but i am so blown away by Life is For Living, I do not even remember "the song we are not supposed to talk about" So I am keeping my end of the deal up and not talking about it. I cannot believe this was 24 hours ago. Oh we said hello to Dan Green and Angie talked to him for a bit.

    I hope you enjoyed my version of an incredible evening

    by Texasluvsjonny


    OK so I guess I can same stuff about the shows while my stuff uploads.


    Knew it would be short shows but the chance to see them in such a small venue doesn't come that often so you gotta go. And if you travel for one show, well you gotta go to both right.


    I had to get up at 3am for my flight from Houston to NYC. Almost missed my connection in Chicago because O'Hare and American Airlines are useless as tits on a boar hog! Had to run like a psycho thru the terminal and made it just as they were getting ready to close the door. If you want to know why AA has all those "rebooking centers" every 30 feet in the airport, it's because they suck!


    So got to NYC and was too wound up to eat, but needed new batteries for my camera, so walked past Beacon to a shop and noticed a group of people on the side of the building. Went to check it out and Will was there signing stuff. I had just missed Jonny They said Guy had also been in but ignored everyone....so what else is new. Chris hadn't come yet. Waited about 15 minutes and up pulls Chris and Phil. Had to call Phil over cuz he likes to act like he's no one and not F***ING AWESOME! He didn't want to take pics, but I made him. Chris was in a really good mood. He signed my ticket.


    5PM show was pretty much what I expected it to be. Kinda laid back and more of a dress rehearsal vibe. Was hoping they would use it to maybe brush some dust off some older tunes, but no. The venue is really beautiful. I had a crappy balcony seat but got it for cost off ticketbastard so not complaining. I thought Chris' voice sounded really good.


    Met Christa after and we went to eat...and drink...Cinco de Mayo baby! although Yankees can't do a proper margarita...they tried to sell me one with cucumbers in it ....Ugh NO!...lime please.


    Went back to venue and had awesome floor seat off Stub..but location was all about the Jonny so worth every cent!

    All the new stuff sounds amazing live. Oceans is just so beautiful. Really happy they played Life is for Living.

    Talked briefly with Dan Green after the show He asked what I thought of the new stuff....he always asks me that!

    Told him I really liked it and thought it had a nice vibe that would mix well with the older stuff and I could help them with their set list and include some really old stuff like Such a Rush...he laughed and said that aint gonna happen. I told him to work on them ....maybe just type in on the setlist!


    Had an awesome time. Got to see Christa and Julie and meet some new Coldplayers.

    Ready for a proper tour now.

    KenV99 captured the epic moment of A Sky Full of Stars live.



    Thanks again to Texasluvsjonny for these great photos!








    You can view more images in our forum thread for the show.


    As it was confirmed on the site yesterday, Coldplay were performing on the Jimmy Fallon show late on Tuesday night. The band played Magic and unexpectedly, Always in My Head which you can see the absolute beautiful performance of below with thanks to NBC!



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    Now only 12 more days (North American and UK release) until Ghost Stories, the new Coldplay album of 2014 is released!

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