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    Dressy Bessy Deserves Better Props Through Coldplay Comparison

    In NPR music critic Ken Tucker's head, big Britrock band Coldplay's mega-seller stature belongs a whole lot more to Denver-bred indie power-pop (and significantly less money-logged) band Dressy Bessy.


    In reviewing both bands' most recent releases (Coldplay's X&Y and Dressy Bessy's Electrified) on air, Tucker marked the British band's piano-driven pop as uninspired, unexciting pap and the American counterpart's power-pop as the kind of energizing, trend-bucking material arenas full of people really ought to be listening to.


    Whether that's all true or not, Dressy Bessy eclipsing Coldplay's sales is still probably a long shot.Electrified's power-pop is solid stuff, sure enough, all gritty, fuzzy power chords and upbeat rhythms. But the overriding aesthetic and singer Tammy Ealom's sultry sing-talk style is still left-of-center enough that being an indie niche favorite seems the most comfortable space.


    Being a Technicolor power-pop standout in the indie-rock scene isn't exactly a bad place to inhabit, really, and it's a corner the band's stomped strongly into with its recent music, having grown into that from a pretty decent cutesy indie-pop act on its earlier discs.


    Dressy Bessy heads into Nashville tonight, playing The Basement (1604 Eighth Ave. S., 254-1604) with psych-rock band The Living Blue. The show starts at 9, and the cover is $7.




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