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    George, WA review: Coldplay leaves fans walking on air

    magicball8.jpgTHE GORGE, Grant County — Most bands wouldn't show much enthusiasm 130 shows into a worldwide tour that started over a year ago. They wouldn't be pleased to sweat through long-sleeved shirts and jackets while playing an evening show in desert-like temperatures. And they wouldn't make it seem novel and fun. But most bands aren't Coldplay, writes The Seattle Times.


    Martin is a treat to watch, not only because he is a gifted musician, but also because he appears genuinely fresh-faced and awed by the power of song. Two screens on either side of the stage showed close ups of the lead singer and three bandmates (Jonny Buckland, guitar, Guy Berryman, bass, and Will Champion on drums) throughout the night. The quick cutaways that offered glimpses of each musician during a song added to the upbeat energy of the evening.

    "Viva" was the top-selling album of 2008, and it the live show made it easy to see and hear all that is appealing about this album. Coldplay kicked off the night with "Life in Technicolor," a catchy instrumental track. Other highlights from "Viva" include the title track, "Lost?" and "Lovers in Japan," with a tack piano intro that is both hard-charging and playful.


    Five large sphere-shaped screens hung from the ceiling of the stage, displaying live feeds of the band or multicolored words, paint splotches or just cool colors. The spheres turned yellow for, of course, the big hit "Yellow," during which audience members got to bat yellow balloons around, too.


    Martin and mates played tribute to Michael Jackson with an acoustic "Billie Jean," and fans also got to hear favorites "Clocks" and "Fix You," a sweet ballad with a rock anthem-y ending.


    In a nod to the band's diverse interests, opening acts had included a rockabilly troupe and Amadou & Mariam, a blind musical duo from Mali. A roadie also performed some break-dancing moves and the Blue Danube Waltz rang through the Gorge right before the band took the stage.


    Coldplay closed out the night with "Life in Technicolor ii," and as Chris Martin sang, "now my feet won't touch the ground," it seemed fitting. Coldplay fans would, after all, be leaving the amphitheater that night with the same sort of feeling.


    Pictures of Coldplay at Gorge Amphitheater, George, WA (11th July 2009):












    Source: The Seattle Times


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