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    Hey Gwyneth, Where's Chris?

    gwyneth5a.jpgIt was like a modern-day fairy tale: The sweet-faced British boy who shot to fame with his college rock band and won the heart of icy-blonde Hollywood royalty. But superstardom comes with a price, and now the many nights that Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin have spent away from each other have left friends fearing they could be fighting for their marriage.


    “They haven’t seemed close for over a year,” a source tells OK!. “It’s like she never talks about him anymore.” Adds another source: “They have spent so much time apart because of their work.”


    So why all the time apart? “Chris and the band have been in the studio non-stop, writing and recording their new album, and it hasn’t left room for much else,” a record label insider tells OK!. “There is huge pressure to deliver a phenomenal album, not least because Coldplay are total perfectionists.”

    Meanwhile, Gwyneth’s publicist has insisted in the past that there’s no trouble in paradise, saying, “Gwyneth and Chris, as a policy, do not talk about each other in the media, nor do they attend public functions together.”


    But it seems Chris is already coming around to putting his family first: Two weeks ago, he flew to the U.S. to visit Gwyneth on the set of her upcoming film Two Lovers. “He stayed in her trailer for half the day,” a set insider tells OK!. “He was just there for her.”


    Source: http://www.okmagazine.com

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