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    Junos: Don't Forget It Is A Live Show; Some People May Use The Opportunity

    junologo.gifA Michael Moore moment at the Junos? Now that host Pam Anderson has joined the chorus of celebs condemning the East Coast seal hunt, who knows what will happen during Sunday night's big show?


    Earlier this week, Anderson joined celebs like Paul McCartney and Morrissey and spoke out against the hunt. Heck, the issue even brought Brigitte Bardot out of hiding. So, will our gal Pam use the awards to pontificate on animal rights? One can only hope.


    The thought of Anderson hijacking the Juno stage is tantalizing enough to make even the odd American tune in. Who knows? Maybe she'll even toss in a tear-jerking speech about another of her favourite causes - the welfare of KFC chickens. And don't count out other Juno performers either. After all, those socially conscious lads from Coldplay have been known to back a political cause or two over the years.And Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea has already taken the opposite tack, decrying the celebrity protesters for misinforming the public. Will he chastise them on stage? It could all make for some pretty compelling viewing.


    I asked the show's executive producer (Canadian Idol guru John Brunton) whether the network was nervous about celebs getting loose-lipped on the upcoming live telecast.


    Savvy man, that one. Naturally, he said he doesn't expect Anderson to politicize the event. But, he couldn't resist giving me something to chew on...


    "It's a live show. Who knows what people will say?" So, Juno weekend hasn't even started yet and we already have our first hint of a potential scandale... It's downright un-Juno-like! On that note, here are a few other fantasy headlines I've conjured up as I jet off to Halifax for music's big bash.


    -"Stage collapses under weight of Broken Social Scene - 12 sent to hospital with injuries, remaining 34 suffer cuts, bruises"


    -"New Pornographers tangle with Great Big Sea in backstage brawl: East Coast, West Coast tiff boils over during autograph session"


    -"Panic across the East Coast: drug stores, salons run out of hair pomade following Idol shopping spree"


    Stay tuned...


    Source: brooksbulletin.com

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