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    We could be listening to new tracks off "Ghost Stories" as soon as Friday & German Coldplayers snap up tickets in record time!


    Above : The last Coldplay visit to Cologne. This time, we may expect to see star shaped confetti! (photo by Getty Images)


    Friday 25th April, the date Ghost Stories may get blown open to the public, in live form! Coldplay will play their first show in the six date promo tour in Cologne, Germany. Why should we expect to hear the new tracks? Because historically speaking, Coldplay have performed a setlist that stays pretty much the same, sometimes a few songs switch places and a few tracks are also replaced but it would be very unlike Coldplay not play the tracks the fans want to hear such as A Sky Full of Stars at London and not play it in Germany.


    Another major reason is the secret show which is being aired live on German radio with SWR3 the next day on Saturday 26th April. While its not guaranteed this will happen, the words 'intimate' and 'secret show' were the main feature of the landmark LA show on 21st March which Coldplay debuted the whole of Ghost Stories in live format and it seems likely this will happen again but this time, everyone online will be able to listen to the 'secret show'!


    A Magic Night With Coldplay

    Coldplay win an intimate concert



    So you can not normally see a rock legend : up close. But for you and SWR3 Coldplay play an intimate concert for a small audience . The tickets can not you buy - but win with us !


    On April 26, 2014 by 17 clock Coldplay will shake the foundations of Baden -Baden. And you can be there! We make you that special Easter gift and raffle from 19 to 21 April nearly 100 tickets on the radio. For this, you need only listen SWR3 and whenever we play a Coldplay hit 8-19 clock in full length , call: . 01803-929100 ( from a landline 0,09 € per minute , mobile max 0,42 EUR per minute).

    win online


    Should you have missed out on the three radio Sweepstakes days , you can watch from 22 to 25 April here subscribe to SWR3.de in a guest list . From all entries , we randomly select from six other winners who are then each with an accompanying person on the guest list . We wish all participants good luck!


    Thank you for Gai for the info and translation


    More information will be available to you on the live audio streaming of these shows closer to the performance and you can also watch or post on our forums for breaking updates and discussion of the live gigs


    Now, as you may have seen on our Facebook/Twitter pages already, tickets went on sale this morning for the show in Cologne to which there was a staggering demand for! So much infact, pretty much all tickets were sold out within 3 seconds!. Congratulations to the Coldplayers who managed to get tickets for the show! Unfortunately, since there was so much demand, a lot of fans did also miss out on the chance but "just be patient and don't worry", there are many of us in the community who are in the same boat and the chance will come for everyone!


    A few determined fans would not take no for an answer. There were the few comments on our Facebook page and on the forums such as from alokgarg47 that revealed they had managed to snatch tickets over an hour after the tickets went on sale, refreshing the page thousands of times in the process! These tickets were likely to be the ones which were reserved in the first few seconds of going on sale but were released for whichever reason which could include the person not going ahead with the sale. So there is a great morale in this story, if you don't succeed with getting tickets try and try again and you never know!

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